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Glossier Haul

I’ve been on a bit of a makeup no-buy lately but I broke it this Black Friday with a cheeky Glossier haul. I definitely didn’t need any new makeup but the 20% off sucked me in. I have been drawn to Glossier for quite some time now due to the brand’s focus on skincare and minimalist beauty products. I first picked up the Phase 2 kit and one of their Supers back in April and I was super into most of the items I picked up. I’m on a journey to try everything and will share my thoughts and reviews as I make my way through.

Complexion Products

Stretch Concealer in Light

The Stretch Concealer is one of the repeat items from my first Glossier haul. As someone who likes minimal makeup, this concealer is perfect for me. The color works for my under eye area and I love how moisturized it makes my skin feel. I definitely have to powder to prevent creasing and if you want more coverage (medium), you will need to build the product up. I use this practically everyday and still have barely made a dent but I feel better knowing I have a backup.

Would I repurchase? Yes! It has become an everyday staple.

another glossier haul complexion products

Haloscope in Moonstone

I love a nice glow. You know this. I surprisingly have kept my obsession with highlighters and check and only own a few, which I normally don’t wear on an everyday basis. I could say that I don’t wear highlighter much because I don’t want to put too much powder on my face but really but it’s really because I’m too lazy. When I first saw Glossier came out with cream highlighters, I immediately threw it into my online shopping cart and there it sat for many, many moons. I originally thought I would pick up Haloscope in Quartz but I settled on Moonstone because it looks more like dew than shine and I love that. If you are looking for a natural highlighter, Haloscope may be worth checking out.

Would I repurchase? I don’t think so. It’s not that I don’t enjoy how natural and dewy is looks, but I honestly don’t think I will ever make my way through the whole tube before it needs thrown out. Despite all of that, I can’t say I’ll never try Quartz.

Cloud Paints in Dusk & Beam

I haven’t been wearing blush on a daily basis but since I was feeling spendy on Black Friday and I am super into cream products ATM I decided to pick up the Cloud Paint Duo in Dusk & Beam. I settled on these two shades because they looked the most neutral and natural. I am not a huge blush person but I absolutely love how these both look on the cheeks. Beam is a nice coral shade that looks super fresh and Dusk provides just enough color without looking too much like you are actually wearing blush. On my pale skin, it adds a nice warmth.

Would I repurchase? I think so. I have a feeling the two tubes I bought will last me quite a long time as a tiny drop is all you really need but I love how natural these look and I appreciate the flexibility of mixing shades.

another glossier haul complexion products

Other Makeup

Boy Brow in Brown

The Boy Brow is probably the Glossier product that I have heard the most about. I love that this product combines a tint and gel that gives brows a bit more oomph and helps keep them in place without feeling like superglue. When I open a new tube I find it tricky to keep it from going all over the place but with nice small strokes and letting it dry out a bit, it becomes a lot easier to work with.

Would I repurchase? I just did so yes! It is quick and easy and makes a noticeable difference.

Generation G in Jam

As you will read below, I previously bought the Generation G in Cake and I wasn’t sure how I felt about it but I still thought it deserved another go so I picked up Jam. I absolutely love the berry shade of Jam and I like how the formula feels on my lips but it does apply a bit patchy. I found that in order to completely cover my lips, I had to apply quite a few layers and it didn’t last very long. It did wear pretty nicely, though, which I appreciate since I don’t want to have to keep checking a mirror.

Would I repurchase? Meh. Probably not. NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils are about $9 more expensive that Gen G but I still think I prefer the formula better for how long wearing it is but I think that Generation G looks better on the lips when it has worn off.

Update From Last Glossier Haul

Generation G in Cake

I don’t hate Generation G in Cake but I don’t love it, either. Cake is a great neutral and gives me a boost of color without leaving that lipstick feel. It is a bit drying but that could be solved by making sure your lips are hydrated with a balm. I was not impressed, though, by the packaging. Not long after I started using this product the lipstick actually fell out of the tube. I have been able to stick it back in and it has remained mostly intact since but the lid does now have a crack in it.

Would I repurchase? I think so. I am not huge into lip products but this is a really nice everyday color and formula that makes my purple-y lips look a bit more alive.

Super Glow Serum

Surprisingly, the only Glossier skincare product I have ever purchased is the Super Glow Serum. This serum isn’t overly expensive but you do only get 15 ml, which when you compare it to the stand 50ml, it’s not a lot. This serum was super watery and difficult to apply. I found that I would drop it onto my skin and then race to try to rub it in before it evaporated. I used this nightly for a while and noticed absolutely no change. I have other Vitamin C products that I prefer (like the Kiehl’s Line Reducing Concetrate).

Would I repurchase? Never. I gave this product a good try but it just did nothing for me. I have heard good thinks about the other two Supers so I may give those a try down the road but I do not recommend the Super Glow Serum. There are too many better options out there that provide better value.

another glossier haul all products

I am sure another Glossier haul is in my future further down the road and I hope to try to Skin Tint, Wowder, and the Moisture Rich. Until then, I will keep on testing the products that I currently have and will update whenever I have more to share. Have a great weekend!

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