Current Everyday Beauty Look

everyday beauty look

For most of the time that I’ve been into makeup, I’ve had really terrible skin. I have been very unhappy with how it looks for a long time and that has definitely detracted from how I feel about myself when I wear makeup. Only recently have I begun to receive compliments on my skin again. Now, there’s a difference between my skin looking good and looking better than it has, but I’ll take the compliments either way. I began to notice that I would receive compliments most often when I was wearing the same products. Keep reading for my current everyday beauty look. 

I’m not one to wear the exact same products and combinations everyday, so I will try to wear my cheaper makeup during a normal day and my nicer products on the weekends and special occasions. This often leaves me with mostly drugstore products, which is fine with me and my wallet. I definitely believe you get what you pay for most of the time when it comes to makeup and skincare, but sometimes I find a good product in the sea of crappy drug store brands. I won’t claim to be an expert on the ingredients, but I can say that I have worn all of these products many, many times and have found that they don’t break me out and see to last decently long on the skin. I thought it might be fun to share my current everyday beauty products.

currentbeauty2I started seeing a lot about cushion foundations circling the beauty community and thought it was 100% a gimmick. After watching about 100 videos where they mentioned cushion foundations, I decided to just give it a try. Upon first use I loved it. I haven’t tried any other cushion foundations but I love how light and dewey the L’oreal True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation is. It evens my skin tone out but still lets my skin shine through. I don’t know if the primer does a ton to help my makeup last but it does add to the glow factor for sure. To finish off my base, I use my trusty Maybelline concealer for under my eyes and my NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer for any blemishes. Any powder to set will due.

I like a light bronzer and blush to add some dimension back to my face and I would feel naked without a little highlighter. The Mary Lou-Manizer might be my favorite highlighter. I like to add a little dimension with the Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil because it’s so quick to use. I finish with some Burberry eyeshadow on my lids, Clinique mascara, and Too Faced Melted Liquid Lip in Chihuahua (one of my favorite lip products).

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer | L’oreal Magic Lumi Primer | Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer | Too Faced Melted Liquid Lip | Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot Powder | Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush | L’oreal True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation | The Balm Mary Lou-manizer | NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer | Clinique High Impact Mascara | Burberry Eyeshadow | Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil

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