Everyday Summer Beauty Essentials

Everyday Summer Beauty Essentials

Can you believe it’s August? I feel like summer just truly began and we are already another month closer to autumn (and Baby Berry)! Eek! I have been pretty quiet on the blog lately but since I recently mixed up my skin care and beauty, I wanted to share my everyday summer beauty essentials. Full disclosure, it’s pretty slim pickings because I honestly don’t wear my makeup these days and when I do, it’s the same products every time.

There is a lot of Glossier in my everyday makeup stash. I can’t help it. Even my go-to base is super similar to another Glossier product, the Skin Tint, but with the addition of SPF. I love that Glossier products are natural, mostly cream-based, and easy to apply. My goal, as I have stated many times before (including in my last summer beauty round-up), I am all about the natural, glowy look. I hate the way face makeup feels so less is more. I stick to the basics and focus on my skin, leaving my eyes and lips alone (I wish I could wear lip balm, but I have a mysterious allergy to nearly everything I apply).

everyday summer beauty essentials

everyday summer beauty essentials Herbivore orchid facial oil

I definitely focus most of my attention on skincare. I do believe that if you start with a good base, you will need less makeup and since that’s my goal, it’s common sense to start there. I have been using my current skincare routine since I found out I was pregnant and my skin turned as dry as the desert. I quickly found that cleansing once a day with a gentle cleanser (like the Fresh Soy Cleanser) was enough to cleanse my skin and prevent it from drying out. I stick to the rest of my normal routine and before I add my moisturizer (I’m currently loving the Dr. Jart Ceramidin Cream), I press four drops of the Herbivore Orchid Facial Oil into my skin. It feels so luxurious and goes a long way in leaving my skin moisturized and glowing. I love it so much I use it all year round and the 1.7oz bottle lasts me forever. I just opened a new bottle and already have my backup on hand, though I know I won’t need it for some time.

everyday summer beauty essentials first aid beauty

everyday summer beauty essentials glossier stretch concealer

I don’t actually use this combination everyday but when I am going somewhere other than work, I love to use the First Aid Beauty Triple Protection Skin Tint because it has SPF 30 and provides just the tiniest bit of coverage. Really, it just helps even out my skin. For the last couple of years, I’ve had a little redness around my cheeks, nose, and chin, which doesn’t bother me too much. Everyday I do throw on the Glossier Stretch Concealer under my eyes and I am usually good to go. I’ve been using the Stretch Concealer for quite some time and find that I do need to set it with powder to keep it from creasing but it’s just so moisturizing and fresh that it’s worth the extra step.

From there, there isn’t much left to do but add a little color back in. Again, these aren’t products that I personally apply on an average workday but if I weren’t so lazy, they would be perfect. I have pretty much stopped wearing any blush other than the Glossier Cloud Paints and Beam is my summer go-to. It takes just the tiniest amount but you can build them up to get your desired intensity. These look so natural on the cheeks when applied with your fingers but you could probably use your Beauty Blender or a stippling brush if you prefer. Personally, I’ve really embraced using my fingers ever since I got into Glossier products. I then add a swipe of the Glossier Haloscope in Moonstone. It is more glossy than sparkly and looks super natural when applied to the high-points of the cheeks. Sometimes, I’ll add some on my brow bones and down my nose.

A product that I can’t live without is another Glossier product (big surprise), the Boy Brow. This is my everyday brow product because it adds a little color but mostly puts all my brow hairs in place. I’m super low maintenance with my brows and have gotten used to the less-is-more look . I absolutely cannot finish off a makeup look without mascara but as I am not particularly loyal to any product at the moment, I didn’t want to include it in this post.

everyday summer beauty essentials glossier cloud paints

everyday summer beauty essentials glossier haloscope

everyday summer beauty essentials glossier boy brow

On an unrelated note, I’ve really embraced the imperfection of this blog. I still like to pop updates up every now and then but don’t want to spend too much time photographing products and editing them so you may have noticed a change in photo quality (hopefully not in content). I am trying so hard to make sure I don’t just post baby related things but I can’t make any promises because literally having a baby is all I can think about. We have done so much already but there is still so much to do and I have trouble focusing on anything else so I hope you are ready for more baby-related posts soon. Have a great weekend!

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