New Skincare Bits from Target \\ Pixi & Neutrogena

new skincare bits from target pixi glow tonic neutrogena

I’ve always loved to stop by the Pixi display at Target. The packaging really caught my eye and it intrigued me with it’s not-quite-drugstore/not-quite-high-end pricing. I recall purchasing one eyeshadow palette a few years back, but other than that, I’ve never actually purchased anything. I decided to pick up some new skincare bits from Target since I’ve heard so much about Pixi skincare on YouTube and on beauty blogs.

Pixi is definitely not cheap but it’s way more affordable than brands found at Sephora or Nordstrom (think Sunday Riley, Kiehl’s, Peter Thomas Roth, etc). I do love that it seems the brand doesn’t test on animals. I’m all about the glow factor and really enjoy a full skincare routine. I’ve been using the same products forever and it was time to mix things up with some new bits.

new skincare bits pixi glow tonic

If I had to pick the most talked about Pixi product, I would choose the Glow Tonic. I hear about this everywhere and it’s actually pretty affordable. Compared to other toners I’ve used, you don’t get a ton of product (3.4 fl oz) but it’s not too bad for $15. It doesn’t feel too intense even though it does have Glyolic Acid. I haven’t been using it for too long so I don’t know if I can give a super thorough review but so far so good.

new skincare bits from target pixi glow tonic neutrogena

The Glow Peel Pads remind me of my Dr. Dennis Grossman Alpha Beta Peel Pads that I use weekly. The Glow Peels Pads, like the Glow Tonic, also contain Glyolic Acid (as do the Alpha Beta Peels Pads). Overall, the ingredients lists are pretty similar. The biggest difference, however, is the price. The Glow Peel Pads are $22 for 60 and the Alpha Beta Peel Pads are $148 for 60. If my math is correct, the Glow Pads are 1/6 of the price.

The last Pixi product I picked up was the Pixi by Petra Glow Mist. I’ve only ever used one other facial spray and that’s the Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herb, and Rosewater. I’ve been using the Mario Badescue spray for a while and have no qualms but it definitely doesn’t do much for the glow factor. The Pixi Glow Mist definitely gives my skin a dewiness, which I love. I’ve used it a few times a week with no issues but it does contain propolis, which concerns me slightly. I think I’ve talked about my suspected beeswax allergy and my research has led me to think that maybe I’m just allergic to propolis. I’ve had no irritation, however, so hopefully I can keep using it to set my makeup.

To wrap up this super long post about my new skincare, I want to share a little about the Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Serum. Like the Pixi products, this is super affordable compared to its high end counterparts. I am still in my mid-20s, but I have definitely started to notice a change in my skin. I have wrinkles forming on my forehead, around my eyes and mouth. I’ve looked into retinol serums a few times but they are so expensive so I panicked (think Sunday Riley Juno¬†and Ren Bio Retinoid). I decided to give this product a try after reading Jolie from Brim Papery talk about how she’s used it and has heard good things. I haven’t used it long but first impressions, I love the scent and texture. It sinks in immediately after I apply it.



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