October Birchbox Review

october birchbox review

I decided to try Birchbox because I don’t have time to seek out and try different products and brands. I received my first Birchbox this month and was neither impressed nor unimpressed by its contents. Here’s a breakdown of each item:


1. The Half Up by Sarahpotempa: Unfortunately, my hair isn’t quite long enough to use this yet. I attempted making a half-up bun but I think my lack of hair is a huge problem. I couldn’t get enough of my hair to cover the device. This will likely be given to my sister who has long, thick hair.

2. ChapStick Hydration Lock : This came at the perfect time. I have been fighting a cold for the last few weeks and my lips have been taking quite a beating. I’ve been using this chapstick for a week or so and it has really helped keep my lips moisturized. I don’t notice any residue and my lips stay soft for a couple hours after applying it.

3. Ruffian Nail Polish in Hedge Fund: I’ve said before that I’m not a huge fan of nail polish. This shade definitely will not make it to my fingers. The green is too much for me. Thankfully it’s just a small sample that I’m sure I can give away to someone who will appreciate it.

4. Stainiac Lip & Cheek Stain: I’ve never been a fan of lipstick so I was very excited to receive this. I’ve applied it once on my lips and really liked the hint of color. I attempted to apply it to my cheeks and found it difficult since it dries so quickly. I’ll stick to using it as a lip product.

5. Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion Skin Exfoliant: When the weather turns cold and I have to use the heat, my skin suffers. I am starting to get excess dryness and some pealing near my nose. I decided to give this exfoliator a try and wow, I loved it! I’ve used Clinique’s version and loved how it made my skin feel even though it had no other perks. This exfoliant left my skin feeling smooth but also was enjoyable to apply. I loved the smell and hint of tingle.

6. Coupon for $1 off any Chapstick Hydration Lock: I loved this sample so I’m sure I’ll buy another.

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  1. Birchbox is nice, but I have been hearing a lot of great things about Ipsy if you’re wanting to try something else! 😛

    1. Thanks! I’ll be sure to check that out. 🙂

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