Sephora VIB Sale Haul

sephora vib sale haul

I used to spend a lot of time wandering Sephora and even more money on their makeup. It’s lucky that I’m still VIB and I mainly only purchase items from Sephora now during the beloved VIB Sale. In the spring, you only get 15% so it’s not life changing but is something. My Sephora VIB sale haul includes mainly repurchases of items that I love and was running low on. I’ll save my splurges for the fall when VIBers can save 20%.  

Can you believe it I didn’t purchase a single makeup item? I kept with my trend of investing in skincare and picked up things I know I will use and love with the exception of a couple sheet masks from Too Cool for School.

sephora vib sale haul

I’ve seen people talk about the Too Cool for School masks and wanted to try them out. By time I got around to placing my Sephora purchase, they were mostly out of stock with the exception of the Pore Tightening Egg Cream Mask. There’s something about a sheet mask that is super convenient. You just rip it open, slap it on, and go. I tried it for the first time last night and so far so good. It is a very saturated sheet mask but it smelled good and had a slight tingle. Next time I won’t do it RIGHT before bed so I don’t have to fan myself trying to get it to absorb. If you are looking for a mask to try out and you like sheet masks, check this one out. For only $6/each, there’s not much risk.

Two of my repurchases are the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer and Fresh Soy Cleanser (also mentioned here). I’ve been using this combo for quite some time now and have no qualms. I also think they are pretty affordable compared to what you could be spending on a cleanser and day moisturizer. I picked up the cleanser in the smaller 1.7 oz tube and since I only use it in the morning, it does last me quite a while and is great if you just want to try it out.

My final two items were also repurchases. The Dr Denis Gross Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel is a favorite of mine. I’ve been using it off and on for over a year and love how it makes my skin feel. I use it about once a week or once every other week on a weekend morning. It doesn’t add too much time to my skincare routine and leaves my skin feels super soft with only a little redness. I also grabbed another beautyblender because I’ve held onto my other one for waaaaaaaaaay too long. It was time that I chucked it into the trash (especially since I grabbed and started using another Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge and I’m just not loving it like I love my beautyblender).

This rounds up my Sephora VIB Sale Haul. I keep it real and didn’t spend too much but I’m very happy with my purchases. I always feel better when I know I have backups of my everyday essentials, especially when I’m about to travel. I’m bringing one of my sheet masks along to use in Denmark because I just can’t imagine backing off on my skincare. Happy Monday, everyone! Have a fantastic week and I hope to be back Wednesday with another post.

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