Local Gift Guide

Well folks, it’s that time of year. The holidays really snuck up on me this year but I’m not sad to see them. I always love autumn and try to soak it up as much as possible and as much as I dread winter and the cold, I love the holiday season (I leave the hate and dread for the cold months after Christmas and New Year’s). I’ve been especially excited about spending our first holiday together in our first home. You really break a house in when you celebrate a major holiday in it. We decorated the house and put up the tree this past weekend and have started getting really serious about Christmas shopping. I always try to do plenty of shopping locally and even in a relatively small city like Columbus, there are so many great options. Some of my favorite local shops include Tigertree, Vernacular, and Brim Papery because they have great items for just about everyone in your life. If you live in Columbus (or not), hopefully this can serve as a local gift guide for you. Continue reading “Local Gift Guide”

Breakfast Tour with Columbus Food Adventures

breakfast tour with columbus food adventures

My dad is one of the hardest people to shop for so for Christmas my sister and I purchased him and ourselves tickets to the Breakfast Tour with Columbus Food Adventures. He loves breakfast and we often meet him for breakfast at the German Village Coffee Shop so we thought this would be a fun way to spend time together and to discover some delicious breakfast places. We made sure to buy the tickets online super early since they sell out quickly. The selection of tours ranges from a Taco Truck Food Tour to the recently added Brunch Tour and with 11 tours to choose from, there’s one for every foodie out there. We participated in our tour this weekend and it was a lot of fun. Our tour guide was Nick Dekker, a breakfast food blogger and author of Breakfast With Nick: Columbus. For only $55 a ticket, we stopped at five locations: Ethyl & Tank, Buckeye Donuts, Jack & Benny’s Brainstormer Restaurant, Oddfellows, and Fox In The Snow. We ate some great food on this tour, discovered some new places, and learned a little bit of history about these local eats. Continue reading “Breakfast Tour with Columbus Food Adventures”

Columbus Architectural Salvage

columbus architectural salvage

This past weekend we made a trip out to Columbus Architectural Salvage to check out what it had to offer. We entered without any idea whether or not we would actually find anything and with the knowledge that as renters it would be unlikely we would find anything we could have in our current house. Located near the fair grounds, CAS recycles old housing items, building materials, and various architectural elements. There are more than 10,000 square feet of warehouse full of vintage treasures to explore. We found so many cool things but, man, were they expensive! This is definitely a place you go to find exactly what you’re looking for but not necessarily a good deal. Continue reading “Columbus Architectural Salvage”