Eyelet & Denim // OOTD from Madewell

Eyelet & Denim OOTD

This weekend was a great balance of busy and not busy (my favorite). We slept in Saturday and it was wonderful knowing there was nowhere I needed to be. I had been waiting alllll week to watch La La Land so as soon as we were awake and had breakfast and coffee, we plopped down on the couch. I know I’m way late to the party but I just adore that movie. We then lounged around until 3 or so, which was much needed after last week. When I finally did get ready to be seen in public, I broke out my new threads I picked up from Madewell last week. I’m in love with this eyelet & denim outfit of the day.

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Overalls & Stripes // OOTD

overalls & stripes ootd

What a beautiful weekend we had. As far as weekends go, this one was pretty damn near perfect. Chris was back from Seattle and the weather was amazing. We started Saturday morning with breakfast with friends at Starliner Diner and then Chris and I had a fun photo session at Homestead Park. When Chris and I were in the early stages of dating, we used to have photo dates at nearby parks all the time armed with our point-and-shoot cameras. We’ve come a long way since then. The weather Saturday ended up being pretty nice and we did some shopping at Easton before drinks and apps at World of Beer. I’m usually quite the homebody and I truly believe I am an old soul deep down inside, but I tried to get out of my comfort zone by picking up a pair of overalls (what decade is it again) and getting drinks with the post-dinner crowd. I broke out my overalls & stripes on Sunday for a family dinner and really dug the look. Continue reading “Overalls & Stripes // OOTD”

Business Casual // Tan + Gingham

business casual tan + gingham

Wednesdays are always hard. The middle-of-the-week slowdown is in full swing and I’m dying for the weekend. Too often, I get caught in the monotony of a work week and my Monday-Friday go by without any shakeups. Thankfully, this week, I spent an evening with my lovely sister and nephew and then another at a Columbus Blue Jackets game with my dad. As much as I sometimes want to go home from work and crash on the couch until bed, it’s good for the soul to mix things up and spend time with someone you love. I try to not wish my work days away and doing something fun after work helps me enjoy the work week. In a not so subtle transition, I had Chris take a couple snapshots of a business casual look and almost didn’t post them. The last picture of Max really saves it for me.
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Favorites So Far in March

favorites so far in march

I had grand plans for this past weekend and they just didn’t really happen. The weather was cold, which was really disappointing compared to the unseasonably warm temperatures we’ve experienced so far in Ohio. I wasn’t as productive as I had wanted to be but I did get to relax and spend time with family/Micah so all was well. I struggled to brainstorm blog ideas so here are some of my favorites so far in March.
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The Future is Female OOTD // featuring the Cara Short & Caroline Crossbody Clutch

future is female ootd

It’s my favorite day of the work week, Friday. It’s been a moderately stressful week but I got to spend an evening with my nephew and didn’t have any appointments after work so that helped keep it from becoming overwhelming. International Women’s Day refreshed me though listening to the news on the radio in the car sometimes leaves me sad and there were several times throughout the week that I had to change the station. I am looking forward to a weekend with no plans and hope to float through it with lots of relaxation, love, and a dash of productivity. I’m kicking off the beginning of the weekend with my favorite Future is Female OOTD featuring two of my accessory go-tos: the Cara Short from Frye and the Caroline Crossbody Clutch from Vernacular (previously mentioned here).
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Girl Power Picks // Mostly Local

girl power picks local columbus goods

How appropriate that this is going up on International Women’s Day and the “day without a woman” in Columbus (and other cities)(it really is a coincidence… or is it?). Unfortunately, I do not have the opportunity to take the day off but I hope to participate in other ways (not making purchases, wearing red) and sending positive vibes to all the amazing women out there. I don’t know why, but I grew up thinking feminist was a dirty word. I hope to change that for my children and future generations. Whether you are a guy or gal, you can celebrate International Women’s Day with my girl power picks. Continue reading “Girl Power Picks // Mostly Local”

Warby Parker Try-On // Part 2

Warby Parker Try-On Part 2

It’s been almost three years since I picked up a new pair of sunglasses. I wear contacts 80% of the time, but sometimes it’s nice to not mess with them and throw on a pair of glasses. I went through Warby Parker for my last pair of glasses and since it’s so convenient to order five options through Warby Parker Try-On, I did a quick run-through the site and chose five styles to try. This time around, I spent less time obsessing over the styles online and instead tried for diversity.
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Caroline Crossbody Clutch // Review

caroline crossbody clutch vernacular

I wasn’t looking for a new bag but the perfect small crossbody found me. Vernacular is one of my favorite stores in Columbus and when my friend Dana asked if I wanted to go last weekend, I couldn’t say no. I’m always most interested in the home decor but have found some great clothing and accessories over the years. Dana pointed out the Caroline Crossbody Clutch to me and my first thought was, “no, I don’t need this”. But then I unzipped it.

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Valentine’s Day Looks \\ In or Out

valentine's day looks going out staying in

It’s almost here! Valentine’s Day may be on a Tuesday this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do something special. Whether you are celebrating with your favorite person (or people) or practicing some self care, do something out of the ordinary. After an exciting Valentine’s Day last year, Chris and I are planning on staying in. It’s a Tuesday and I never want to go out after working all day, but hopefully this year we can still enjoy a nice meal together and maybe a game or two (board or Playstation). For everyone else, I put together some Valentine’s Day Looks for those who are going out and those who are staying in.

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Weekend Uniform

weekend uniform winter

There used to be a time where I would straighten my hair and put on jeans and a nice blouse before going out in public. Those times are long behind me. I’ve always loved to be comfortable, and over the last year or so, I’ve started to collect articles of clothing that I was comfortable in. As a full time worker, I spend most of my time in dress pants and blouses. The second I get home, and Chris can attest to this, I change into sweats and an oversized t-shirt and clean all the makeup off of my face. My dad always changed immediately upon coming home from work, so I think it’s in my DNA. If I can be, I want to be 100% comfortable. Comfortable clothes have quickly become my weekend uniform. Continue reading “Weekend Uniform”