Favorites So Far in March

favorites so far in march

I had grand plans for this past weekend and they just didn’t really happen. The weather was cold, which was really disappointing compared to the unseasonably warm temperatures we’ve experienced so far in Ohio. I wasn’t as productive as I had wanted to be but I did get to relax and spend time with family/Micah so all was well. I struggled to brainstorm blog ideas so here are some of my favorites so far in March.
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Favorite January Pins

I can’t believe that we’re finishing up the first month of 2015. It was a cool month but fortunately it wasn’t nearly as bad as January 2014. Chris and I have spent quite a bit of the last month or so personalizing our home and making it more “us”. We purchased and have put together a home bar cart and it has been very rewarding. We’re slowly learning how to mix our own drinks and enjoy browsing through our bar books and Pinterest for new recipes to try. Aside from my focus on the bar, I’ve also been trying to expand my cooking by adding new recipes into the mix of my tried-and-true favorites (such as this, this, and this). We’re at a place in our lives where we are becoming more like adults and are looking forward to the exciting things that the future holds. Pinterest is as always a huge inspiration board and here are my favorite pins from this last month: Continue reading “Favorite January Pins”

Lounge Favorites

Now that I wear less comfortable clothes to work I crave coming home and putting on something more comfortable. During the winter, I like to layer up and wear thick socks to keep my cozy and warm while curled up on the couch blogging or doing various tasks around the house. Leggings are some of my favorite bottoms to wear and all you need is a comfy sweater on top to create an outfit that is perfect for lounging in and not a complete mess. Have a relaxing weekend, everyone! Continue reading “Lounge Favorites”

Friday Favorites // December 12, 2014

friday favorites shortbread cookies

It’s Friday! After working the last two Saturdays it feels sooooo good to know that I don’t have to get up early and go into work tomorrow morning. I have great plans to relax as much as possible and get some things done, such as going to the grocery store and vacuuming the stairs (fun, right?!). I cannot believe Christmas is now less than 2 weeks away and I’m grateful to have almost all of my shopping done. Here are five Friday favorites that I’m loving right now: Continue reading “Friday Favorites // December 12, 2014”

Favorite September Pins


1. Happily Grey Personal Style – Clouded, I absolutely adore the detail in this sweater and how she styled the whole outfit. It’s the perfect fall outfit with a pair of chelsea boots and an adorable felt hat.

2. Cinnamon Roll Coffee Cake, Cinnamon rolls and coffee cake are two of my favorite things so to combine them is just amazing. I am going to make a point to go out and purchase a bundt cake pan so I can give this delicious dessert a try (though without the lemon).

3. Plate Rack with Vintage Plates, I cannot get enough of these beautiful blue and white plates. My mother-in-law was generous enough to give me her collection of blue and white plates and I absolutely love them. I hope to add to the collection over time and to display some of the most beautiful in my kitchen.Favorite SEPtember Pins

4. Fall Home Tour, I’ve always been obsessed with open shelves and I love how clean this kitchen looks while still looking lived in. The blue mason jars and pie sign are the best part. I really may need to make my way to World Market to get the sign for my own kitchen.

5. Medium Length Hair, I have always had a bob in different lengths and I love it but lately I’ve been thinking maybe I should let my hair grow some more. This image showed my that longer hair can still have the look of a long bob.

6. Fall Textures & Patterns, I currently have a long, houndstooth coat but would love to pick up a lighter jacket that I can wear throughout the fall and this is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

Favorite July Pins

I say this every month but oh my goodness how did we get through July this quickly. I don’t want summer to end but I will be soooo happy when fall arrives. I haven’t quite been bitten with the autumn bug yet but I appreciate every day this summer that stays below 80. This month was a good month and I started a new job, which has been a great experience thus far and I think will be a good for me. My schedule will be very different but I will still have plenty of structure, which is something I appreciate. I’m sure it will take some time before I completely get the hang of things but I’m looking forward to the future. The extra cash will be nice and I can’t wait to get things we need for the house (and, let’s face it, my wardrobe).

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Favorites

If you’re like me and don’t have a Nordstrom card, you had to wait until today to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. As soon as I woke up this morning I hopped on Nordstrom’s site to browse the sale and see if there’s anything I can’t live without. There are a lot of great deals (though still out of my price range) but I did find some great things. If you come across something that you just have to have, act fast! The items don’t stick around for long. Continue reading “Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Favorites”

Favorite June Pins

This month was pretty busy so I spent way less time browsing Pinterest than I usually do. I was scrambling to finish last minute details before our wedding, then we were away for a week for our honeymoon, then we tried to settle back into our routine while I am continuously job hunting. Nonetheless, I have browsed Pinterest whenever I’ve needed a minute or two of downtime or some additional inspiration in my life. I did manage to find some great pins that are very summer-appropriate. Check them out below:

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