Coffee Tables

Since Chris and I have gotten married, I’ve been putting a lot of time and effort into making our house an adult space. We’ve bought a new couch, buffet/hutch, bar cart, and guest bed. We’ve been lucky to inherit a few pieces from family but there are still some things I’m not 100% happy with. […]

Kitchen Details

Since becoming engaged, we’ve been forced to organize the kitchen and make room for all the wonderful gifts we have received. We are extremely fortunate to have a MUCH larger kitchen in our current apartment than our previous, but I’ve still found it difficult to store and organize all the things we now possess. It’s […]

Patio Inspiration

patio inspiration patio essentials

When I moved into my new apartment, I was most excited about the outdoor space. At our last apartment, we had no private outdoor space so having our own fenced in yard with deck was very appealing. Unfortunately we moved in in November so we haven’t really had too many opportunities to enjoy our deck. […]