TJ + Dana // Couple’s Portrait Session

couple's portrait session tj and dana

Happy Friday! This photo session was quite the honor. Chris and I have been friends with TJ since our school days and it’s been so nice to watch TJ and Dana’s relationship develop over the years. We were both lucky enough to be present when they got engaged (though Chris doesn’t remember thanks to his wisdom teeth surgery), married (we both remember this, thank you), and now we get to be part of the next big step. A baby! Photography is something I’ve taken a step back from over the last few years and I am trying to get back into it. I used to really love it and real life has definitely got in the way. TJ and Dana’s big news gave me an excuse to pick my camera back up and dive into a couple’s portrait session at Homestead Park.
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Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Guide // 2017

father's day gift guide

I am super behind on this but whatever. Better late than never, right? I started thinking about putting together this Father’s Day Gift Guide but found myself struggling because this year is a tough one. As a marketing student, I was always aware of advertising during holidays like Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, etc. to those who may have a sensitivity to it. Not everyone celebrates Christmas and not everyone has a dad or mom. This Father’s Day is Chris’s first without his dad. We made it through Christmas and his dad’s birthday, but there is something about a holiday just for dads being shoved down the throats of those who don’t have dads… or have dads but have a strained relationship or no relationship. I don’t think the wounds are fully healed and this Sunday will be like a reminder of what is gone. My dad is here and I am so grateful but it’s hard for me to hold that in my heart while also dealing with the loss my husband and his family has experienced. If you have lost your dad or don’t have a father figure in your life, I’m so sorry. If your dad is here, tell him how much you love and appreciate him. Not just this weekend but every chance you get. Continue reading “Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Guide // 2017”

Third Anniversary

third anniversary

Three years ago today I wore a white dress and met Chris under a large tree and promised to always love him and hold him in the highest regard. We dated for seven years before we were married but I still believe we have learned more about each other since. During our three years of marriage, we have bought our first home, suffered the loss of a parent, and taken our first European vacation. Life is better with the support and love of your best friend by your side.

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June Goals

june goals

June has arrived. It feels like summer is truly here and I am eating it up. There is something about the sun on my skin and being outside in short sleeves that makes me feel so calm and happy. I finally wrapped up Little Book of Hygge and I read a section about Gemütlichkeit and it talked about how Germans associate it with summer and I totally get what they mean (it’s the German version of hygge). I am an autumn girl all the way but summer has it’s own magic. The month of May felt like it flew by and I did not accomplish all the things I wanted to so June needs to really bring it. Continue reading “June Goals”

Copenhagen City Guide // Visit Denmark

Copenhagen City Guide Nyhavn canal

I’ve just about completed another week of work since arriving home from Copenhagen and I desperately miss it already; so much so that I put together a Copenhagen City Guide so I can gush about my favorite places. The first steps I took in Copenhagen immediately made me fall in love with the city. We never made it out to Aarhus like I had hoped but I am sure I would have enjoyed it just as much. I hope someday to visit other Scandinavian cities such as Stockholm, Oslo, and Helsinki. My heart has been set on Stockholm for some time but there was something so refreshing about Copenhagen. It may have been the kind, beautiful people or may have been that speeding vehicles were replaced with quiet bikes, which everyone seemed to have. We felt comfortable and like we were able to really be residents of Copenhagen for our 10 days there.  Continue reading “Copenhagen City Guide // Visit Denmark”

Our Trip to Copenhagen // 10 Days in Copenhagen

our trip to copenhagen

It hasn’t even been a week since we got home from 10 days in Copenhagen and I miss it already. Visiting Scandinavia was a bucket list item for Chris and I and it was a dream to finally go. We chose Copenhagen because when we looked at all the things we wanted to do in Scandinavia, Denmark had the most. I had also seen photos of Copenhagen and it looked beautiful so we decided to start there. I can confidently say after 10 days there, we choose the right city. Someday, Stockholm, Oslo, and Helsinki are cities I would like to visit.  We did so much during our trip to Copenhagen so I wanted to give you a little insight into what we did! Continue reading “Our Trip to Copenhagen // 10 Days in Copenhagen”

What I Packed // 10 Days in Denmark

what i packed for denmark

The big trip is upon us! We are looking ahead to 10 days in Denmark and I absolutely canNOT wait! We have been dreaming of this trip for years and I can’t believe we are finally taking it. We could certainly spend more time in Denmark and surrounding countries but limited vacation time kept us at 10 days and I don’t think I could last that long without Max anyway. The crappy weather in Columbus over the last week or so has prepared me for cooler temps in Denmark and I’m kind of looking forward to getting more use out of my autumn and winter pieces. If you want to see what I packed for 10 days in Denmark, see below.
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The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying // A Review

life-changing magic of tidying review

With the exception of my early childhood, I’ve always considered myself a tidy person. I’ve always enjoyed cleaning and organizing my room. I spent a lot of my time perusing Real Simple Magazine and watching HGTV shows where people go through all of their stuff and organize with fancy systems you could buy from The Container Store. One thing I have struggled with in the past, is controlling how much stuff I have. I can remember being a kid and having a TON of toys. After reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying, I know I’m not alone. Continue reading “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying // A Review”

Planthropy Succulent Workshop

planthropy succulent workshop

Have I mentioned that I’m really into plants? I can’t get enough. I’ve been killing fewer and learning how to better care for different plants and slowly I’ve been keeping more alive (win!). I started my plant journey with succulents and even though I have to admit I’ve killed some, I’ve managed to keep many alive for an extended period of time, which makes them good in my book. I don’t remember when I first heard of Planthropy, but my friend Dana and I were finally able to pick a workshop and get tickets to the Bodacious & Bright! Succulent Workshop at Growl! in Clintonville.
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Franklin Park Conservatory \\ Blooms & Butterflies

Franklin Park Conservatory

If I had to pick my top five favorite places in Columbus, Franklin Park Conservatory would be be included. For years I’ve visited to get my plant fix, especially during the winter months. When it’s cold and grey outside, it invigorates the soul to be among living plants and feeling warmth on your skin. Chris and I were gifted a membership by my sister and brother-in-law and we have gone a few times this winter when we starting to struggle through the dark and cold days.
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