Mother’s Day Gift Guide // 2017

mother's day gift guide

Happy May! I feel very refreshed and happy to leave April behind, even though it was beautiful towards the end of the month. I do enjoy spring but there’s something about May and warmer weather and Memorial Day that just makes me feel a kind of way (do you know what I mean?). This year, the month of May is even more exciting than usual as we are finally going to Denmark! I have been looking forward to this trip for months and cannot believe it’s finally here. Sadly, I will be missing Mother’s Day but I was a bit more proactive than usual this year and picked up my gift early so I can make sure my wonderful mother has it on her special day. For all you procrastinators out there, I have put together a little Mother’s Day Gift Guide.
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Galentine’s Day Gift Guide

galentine's day gift guide 2017

Hopefully everyone knows what the heck I’m talking about when I mention Galentine’s Day. If you are not obsessed with Parks & Rec and Leslie Knope like I am, let me give it to you from the horse’s mouth:

February 14th, Valentine’s Day, is about romance, but February 13th, Galentine’s Day, is about celebrating lady friends. It’s wonderful and it should be a national holiday.Continue reading “Galentine’s Day Gift Guide”

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Her // 2017

valentine's day gift guide for her 2017

It has been a very interesting three days. I’ve been wondering for a while if it would be OK to talk about my feelings with our political system right now and I haven’t decided the best way to do that yet. I’m going to pretend that there’s nothing more important than what is happening in my own little bubble because otherwise I think I might just freak out. Last week I shared my Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him so today, here’s my Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Her. Continue reading “Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Her // 2017”

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Him // 2017

valentine's day gift guide for him

Valentine’s Day has always been a bit of a mystery to me. In middle school and beginning of high school, I was always heartbroken that I was all alone on the holiday of love. Looking back, I realize I was never actually alone. I didn’t have a “boyfriend”, sure, but I had my friends and family and that should have been enough. Chris and I have celebrated more Valentine’s Day together now than I care to count, but we always like to keep it low-key when it comes to the gift giving. We prefer to give each other our time than a material item that we could have purchased ourselves (last year we had a nice dinner together then met up with friends at The Franklin Park Conservatory). There’s nothing wrong with giving someone that perfect something, though, and I created a Valentine’s Day gift guide for him below to help you brainstorm. Continue reading “Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Him // 2017”

Last Minute Gift Guide For Him

Christmas is a week from tomorrow! I figured if I’m ever going to get my gift guide for him up, now is the time to do it (so now it’s a last minute gift guide)! I tried to include items that could be picked up in-store since I am sure the guaranteed delivery by Christmas has come and gone. A couple items on here are from local shops, but I am sure there are alternatives at places that are slightly easier to shop on a time crunch: Amazon, Nordstrom, etc. Continue reading “Last Minute Gift Guide For Him”

Gift Guide: For Her

Christmas is just around the corner so I figured I should get up my annual gift guide: for her. I try to be on a strict no-buy during the lead up to Christmas but sometimes while I’m shopping for other people, I come across something really cool. I’ve done alright so far this year buuuuuuut haven’t been perfect. The hardest part is that I go to my favorite stores (mostly online, of course) to look for gifts and always find some items that I love (like a Rifle Paper Co Calendar and vase that I just HAD to have from Vernacular). I have a lot of women in my life to shop for and they are all so different so I sometimes struggle to find the perfect item that isn’t just something that I like. Continue reading “Gift Guide: For Her”

Favorite Netflix Documentaries

fav netflix doc

Hi! It’s been far too long! I’ve been working, coming home and putting on my PJs and doing absolutely nothing. It’s been glorious. I’ve started planning out posts and then find that my heart isn’t in it. I made a promise with myself that if I don’t feel like putting together a post, I won’t do it. I want the things I put on here to be things that I actually want to share. I’m still liking my new job, but I find that when I get home and it’s dark and cold, I had no motivation to do anything. I don’t even like to cook dinner anymore, which makes me a little sad. I’m sure a lot of that has to do with working full time and wanting to come home and relax, but I hope when it warms up and the sun is out longer, I’ll find more energy to be productive after work. Continue reading “Favorite Netflix Documentaries”

Gift Guide: Under $100

christmas gift guide under 100

We have just over a week until Christmas! I have just about wrapped up all my Christmas presents (no pun intended) and can’t wait to pass them out next Friday. I’m really settling into my new job and am still loving it. I feel valued and important and like I’m part of something, and I think that can make all the difference. I keep saying it but I feel like I’m moving around to right where I need to be at this time. I’m not in a rush and I don’t really have an end goal in mind and I think that’s okay. I’m looking forward, however, to a long holiday weekend where I won’t have any responsibilities. Continue reading “Gift Guide: Under $100”

Gift Guide: Under $25

christmas gift guide under 25

We’re a week into December and I can’t believe I already have most of my Christmas shopping done! The days have been flying by since I got my new job and I am so grateful to come home and not need to spend the whole evening trying to unwind. So far I really like it and am excited to get more into marketing and help others market themselves better. I also get to move around a little and the break in monotony definitely makes the week go by quicker and keeps things interesting, which is such a nice change from standing on my feet all day everyday. The holidays will be so much sweeter when I’m not so unhappy and stressed at work. Continue reading “Gift Guide: Under $25”