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When I first started wearing makeup, I exclusively wore drug store with the exception of some Clinique items here and there. I would make my way to Walmart to pick up my favorite Maybelline mascara or Revlon eyeshadow. I wasn’t really brand loyal but just grabbed whatever grabbed my attention. Now, I’m finding myself more […]


Happy two years, Chic in Columbus. This blog started off as a creative outlet while I was in college and has proven to be very therapeutic over the two years I’ve been writing. I never had any intentions of it turning into anything else and have really enjoyed creating posts and sharing bits of my […]

Sarasota Vaca

I’m headed to one of my favorite places, Sarasota, Florida! Chris & I will be spending plenty of time enjoy the sunshine, the ocean, some tasty seafood, and a frozen cocktail or two. We are planning an excursion to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios, breakfast at Yoder’s (followed by lunch at […]