Our Wedding Day // Jorgensen Farms // Westerville, OH

our wedding day jorgensen farms

Most girls say they have had their wedding planned since they were five and have dreamt about the day their entire lives. I was not one of those girls. I always wanted to get married and knew pretty early on that Chris and I would likely marry but I didn’t have some built up idea about how our wedding day would go. I remember my earliest plans of my wedding as a statement to my mom that I would get married outdoors. I never envisioned a church and accepted that by having an outdoor wedding, I was playing a game of chance with the weather. I had been to plenty of weddings and was never really into a lot of the traditional things so I knew my wedding would be different.  Continue reading “Our Wedding Day // Jorgensen Farms // Westerville, OH”

Wedding Sneak Peek

wedding sneak peek

I can’t believe it’s already been over two months since Chris and I got married. It was a beautiful, sunny, 81 degree day and was so much more beautiful than I could have hoped. The day went so fast and most of it is a blur but one of my favorite parts was how much Chris and I were together. We did a first look as soon as I got dressed and hung out together in the house before the ceremony began. Not many couples share the moment before their ceremony together and it was very special to spend those few moments together. More to come on an official wedding post. Continue reading “Wedding Sneak Peek”

My Honeymoon in Instagram Photos

our honeymoon sandals st lucia

For our honeymoon, Chris and I headed to the Sandals Regency La Toc resort in St. Lucia. We spent 7 days on the beach and it was the perfect way to spend the week after your wedding. After the stress of planning a wedding, I wanted nothing more than to sit my butt on a chair on the beach and soak up the sunshine. Castries was beautiful and hot and it only ever rained for a couple minutes so our outdoor time was hardly ever interrupted. Chris and I did make a “no cell” rule so my iPhone pictures are limited. We did purchase a waterproof point and shoot, which served as our main camera. It was a great investment and allowed us to spend a little less time staring at our phones and more time with each other. Continue reading “My Honeymoon in Instagram Photos”

Wedding Weekend


Well, my wedding weekend is here! I cannot believe that I finally get to marry my best friend. We planned for 15 months and I always felt like I was planning someone else’s big day rather than my own. Even now it doesn’t quite feel like I’m getting married tomorrow. I am so grateful that the weather appears it will cooperate because that was one of the things I’ve been worrying about most. I cannot wait to see the farm decorated and filled with all my favorite people. Continue reading “Wedding Weekend”

Wedding Up-Do Inspiration

wedding up-do inspiration

When I first started brainstorming wedding hair ideas I pictured a loose up-do. I’ve only ever had up-dos a handful of times for proms and various other formal occasions. My first prom up-do blew my mind. It was curly, loose but completely up. I was less impressed with my following up-dos but still thought they looked like me but more dressed up. As I got further into wedding planning, however, I began to gravitate more towards a partial up-do. My sister was married this past February and I decided to give a full up-do a try. I ended up with a beautiful, loose up-do with braids here and there. I thought it looked wonderful but I just didn’t feel like it was very me. I was also not particularly fond of the hardness and stiffness of my hair or the hundred bobby pins poking my in the back of my head. It was then that I decided to pursue a partial up-do hairstyle. Continue reading “Wedding Up-Do Inspiration”

Marriage License

marriage license

Today marks the one month mark for my wedding! I cannot believe how fast the last 14 months have gone and that this event I’ve been planning for more than a year is finally almost upon us. Yesterday, Chris and I picked up our marriage license and we made a date out of it. Chris left work early and we headed straight to the court house. I suppose we stood out of the crowd because the security guys knew we must be getting our marriage license. I guess the smiles tipped them off. 🙂 After swearing we weren’t drunk or cousins, we celebrated with a lovely lunch at none other than Jimmy John’s. It was nice to be on campus after all the kids were home. After enjoying our subs, we came home to more wedding gifts on the front patio. It’s always such a pleasant surprise so to those of you who may have sent gifts, thank you, thank you, thank you! Continue reading “Marriage License”

Hoping for Sun, Prepared for Rain

prepared for rain wellies

I wasn’t like most little girls growing up because I did not plan out my wedding. I always knew I wanted to get married and I’ve always enjoyed weddings but I didn’t spend hours planning out the details and thinking about the dress I would wear. I did, however, always know that I wanted to get married outside. My mom has always struggled with this because outdoor weddings are pretty risky. When it came time to actually pick out my wedding venue, I only visited ones that allowed for an outdoor ceremony, such as The Venue at dock580 and Jorgensen Farms. As I’ve spent time wedding planning, I haven’t spent too much time worrying about the weather on my wedding day but I have decided to make a backup plan incase it does rain. Continue reading “Hoping for Sun, Prepared for Rain”

Wedding Registry Must Haves

wedding registry must haves

Registering was one of the most enjoyable wedding tasks that I completed. My fiancé and I decided to register at three places in order to give our guests some diversity on gifts. We ended up registering at Macy’s, Target and Crate & Barrel. Macy’s was by far the most enjoyable place to register at. We just showed up, met with a representative to give us our packet and scanner, and went to town. We circled the whole home section and scanned just about anything and everything that caught our eye. I had made a list of items we needed before we went so we had a bit of a guide but Macy’s also provides you with a huge one, which helped with things we had forgotten. Once home, I edited the registry and added items here and there as I thought of them. We didn’t find nearly as many useful things at Target but registered for some essential gadgets and some home decor pieces. I did our Crate & Barrel registry purely online as we didn’t register for nearly as many items.

Continue reading “Wedding Registry Must Haves”