Spring Wish List // Current Picks

spring wish list

I’m still riding the high of the great weather we had this past weekend and week. I feel like a whole new person when the sun is out longer and the temperature is above 65. I feel like I’m truly awake. Spring isn’t my favorite season but I’m always so happy to see it when it arrives. Usually around this time I’m ready to skip ahead to summer but this year I have a trip planned for May, which is helping me slow down and enjoy the spring months. My spring wish list is screaming summer, though, and I just can’t help it. Continue reading “Spring Wish List // Current Picks”

My West Elm Picks

Happy Monday, everyone! If you read my blog, you know that I am a huge fan of West Elm. I used to browse the site and store and never purchase anything because everything is so expensive, but Chris and I have started investing in pieces here and there for our home. As far as home stores go, I love how much of a selection West Elm has and how much they incorporate local items in their stores. I started adding things to my wish list and decided to just throw together a collection of my West Elm picks in case anyone else needed to do some home decor shopping. Continue reading “My West Elm Picks”

Autumn Wish List

autumn wish list

Autumn is underway and I’m loving everything about it. It’s been warmer than I was hoping but the trees have been turning and everywhere I look I see beautiful fall foliage. We had tastes of cooler fall weather and I am looking forward to when it is here to stay. I am a boots and sweater girl all the way and I am itching to wear my fall clothing more without sweating my everything off. I’m still in the process of settling into our home and if I see a piece I like, I’ll probably pick it up. My current wish list: all the wall art! Enough rambling, here is my current autumn wish list. Continue reading “Autumn Wish List”

What I Want Now: November

what i want now november

Guys, can you believe Thanksgiving is this week? I can’t. This autumn has been so mild and yesterday it finally felt like winter is coming (cue Game of Thrones memes). I had a wonderful weekend, though, and have tried to kick my Christmas shopping into gear. I have a pretty good idea what I’m going to get most of the people on my list but it’s still a matter of ordering things and checking them off one by one. I always seem to get a little overwhelmed when it comes to beginning gift shopping. In other exciting news, I start a new job today! No more working weekends or late on Fridays. I’m so excited yet nervous at the same time as starting something new always takes me a little outside of my comfort zone. Last week I also lost my grandfather and though it was time and has brought peace, it’s always hard when someone you loved so much leaves the world. Continue reading “What I Want Now: November”

What I Want Now September 2015

When September arrives, I finally feel ready to let summer go. I’ve had a really hard time overcoming the temptation to stock up on autumnal things such as sweaters, boots, scarves, and berry-colored lip products. Now that we’re halfway through September, I feel like it’s finally alright to completely embrace the arrival of fall. I WANT ALL THE THINGS! My birthday is so close so I’ve been trying to avoid spending…very hard! I’ve been working a lot lately and I so badly want to treat myself to some goodies such as one of these beauties below: Continue reading “What I Want Now September 2015”

Current Beauty Wish List

Happy Monday! Work is super crazy right now but I’m hoping it’s going to start to calm down here soon because when I’m stressed at work I have a hard time not being stressed at home and I’m catching myself wishing away my weekdays, which I don’t want to get in a habit of. I’m also trying to control my online shopping since I tend to do it quite often when I’m stressed but there are just so many beautiful beauty products out there and I want to try them all! Lately, I’ve been experimenting with new-to-me brands and getting sample sizes of products I’m not ready to splurge on. The list is exhaustive but here are the things I’ve been eyeing lately: Continue reading “Current Beauty Wish List”

What I Want Now: July

The summer is absolutely flying by and as much as I look forward to glorious fall weather I want this summer heat to last as long as possible. I love being surrounded by green and walking outside with bare skin and that feeling of the sun on my face. I am so grateful for my job but I absolutely hate being stuck inside all day with air conditioning. I’m always freezing and spend a lot of time daydreaming of sitting out in the sun and soaking in as much heat as possible. I’ve been inspired by Essie Button’s vlogs to focus on home decor again and I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’ve really fallen in love with modern decor. I definitely appreciate bright, simple Scandinavian design with that modern touch buuuuuut I need a little more color and mess. I’ve been really holding back on decorating because we’re renting and I just don’t feel like we really own the space so why put a lot of effort into filling a space that we will be moving out of in a year or so (fingers crossed). Continue reading “What I Want Now: July”

What I Want Now: June

When I started rounding up my June favorites I was surprised how not summery they were. I’ve never been a fan of summer clothes but I usually resist checking out about fall clothes until August or so. The weather has felt very summery though and I absolutely love the sun and heat I just don’t like wearing shorts and tanks. Working full-time doesn’t allow me to wear normal clothes very often but every weekend when I’m trying to pick out an outfit, I can’t seem to settle on anything that I really like. I went to Madewell the other day and walked out with shorts and a sweater (I mean, seriously… when do I think I will be wearing a sweater?) Anyway, I’m pretty obsessed with Twenty One Pilots right now and even though Blurryface is up on Spotify, I’m trying to support them by purchasing their album. I’ve also been on the lookout for a pair of stick studs. I don’t change my earrings very often and I almost always stick to simple studs and I think the stick studs still look very cool without standing out too much. The brush and mask will help me achieve my goal of taking better care of me and have relaxing time to myself, which I’ve been missing a bit since working full-time. Continue reading “What I Want Now: June”

What I Want Now: February

As usual, the month has flown by. It’s been bitter cold and snowy and I cannot wait for the start of spring. I’m  so excited to start my new position and make a bit more money. There are plenty of things I want this month and our house if my main focus. Now that Chris and I have filled our file boxes, we are in desperate need of a filing cabinet or two and our office needs a major overhaul. I’ve had this filing cabinet on my wish list for a while now because I love the mint color and the casters for rolling it around and under a desk. The lamp is my style while still being masculine enough for C. The rest of these items are less necessary but I wouldn’t hate making a trip out to Easton to pick them all up. Continue reading “What I Want Now: February”