Columbus Local Gift Guide | 2017

columbus local gift guide 2017

I am usually super late to this game. The thought occurred to me today that Thanksgiving will be over in 2 weeks. Another month after that, and Christmas will be coming to an end. I am fully embracing the holidays this year and want to enjoy every moment of it. There have already been a few days where it has felt like winter so the fact that the holidays are just around the corner doesn’t seem quite as crazy as it has in years passed. I have already begun Christmas shopping so I wanted to create a Columbus local gift guide for anyone who is around the capital city.

For the last few years, I have tried to buy more from local/small businesses rather than the way-too-convenient, Amazon. Fortunately, Columbus has plenty of awesome small and local businesses to choose from. Not all goods are made here, but all are sold by the talented people of Columbus. The best part, many of them offer online shopping so no matter where you are, you can get your hands on some unique gifts.

Columbus Local Gift Guide 2017
Gradient Squiggle Tumbler | Dual Triangle Shelf | The Nicole Ring | Love Heart Hands Sweatshirt | Yellow 108 Hat | The Tart Peach Original Red Lipstick | Pumpkin Harvest Candle | Elm & Iron Gift Card | Cattern 12×18 Print | Homage Athletic Socks | Hate Everyone Oven Mitt

I couldn’t help but include stuff from some of my favorite Columbus business, such as Tigertree and One Six Five. I notice this year’s Columbus local gift guide is a bit female heavy but if I can get my life together, I will eventually put together a gift guide for him, which I am sure will feature a local item or two.

Many of last year’s products are still available so for even more Columbus-sold products, click here.

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