Visit to the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium

Columbus Zoo & Aquarium

For the first time this season, Chris and I headed to the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium with friends. The weather was beautiful (low 80s) and by some miracle it wasn’t overly crowded. I try to go to the zoo once in the summer and once in the winter but I try my best to avoid the crowds. Having a membership is great because I feel more inclined to visit the zoo even when I don’t want to spend the whole day there. Thankfully we went early Sunday so we hit up just about every exhibit with the exception of Asia and Sting Ray Bay (little sad about that one). It was a great day to be out and about!

We arrived at the zoo around 11AM or so and it seemed like the animals were extra active (though you wouldn’t know it from my photos). We started our trip with two adorable kittens (species of which I cannot remember) and moved on to the polar bears who were also adorable. We stopped by one of my favorites, the Arctic Fox, before heading over to the popular Heart of Africa.

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve gone to the Columbus Zoo but I still am in awe of all the creatures we share this world with. The apes in particular fascinate me. Watching them interact and examining their features makes it easy to see our similarities.

The gorillas in particular were super active. We were able to witness the silverback and his family rolling around and playing like a human family would. No photos but I was able to get it on video!

Like I said, we were lucky to have such nice weather. Typically when I go to the zoo in the summer, I find myself racing to the aquarium and reptile house to try to get out of the heat but we didn’t need to worry too much about that. We did still make our way through the aquarium and I don’t know that I have ever seen it so empty. It was nice to actually be able to take time to walk through and examine all of the fish, Manatees, sting rays, and even to catch a glimpse of the sea turtle.

One of my favorite exhibits is the Road House that houses the nocturnal animals of Australia. I am quite fond of Wombats so always try to make my way over to see him as well as the Pygmy Loris and Feathertail Gliders (talk about wild). They are all three some of the cutest in the zoo.

One of my favorite things my family has always done is purchase zoo memberships. I have so many fond memories of visiting the Columbus Zoo as a kid and I grew up watching Jungle Jack Hannah on TV. I have a soft spot for animals and like the reality check I get from getting up close to animals that live so far from Ohio. If you want to read more about the zoo, see my previous post about the Heart of Africa here.


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