Mini Road Trip to See the Sunflowers of Yellow Springs

sunflowers of Yellow Springs

When I woke up Monday morning I had no idea I would end up in Yellow Springs. Chris and I love Yellow Springs and make a point to visit every fall but only once have we seen the sunflowers at the Tecumseh Land Trust. We stumbled upon them by accident a few years ago and I’ve been dreaming of it ever since. I had recently seen a few sunflower photos floating around on Instagram but it wasn’t until I received a snap from my sister of my nephew with sunflowers that it clicked… they were in bloom! I browsed Instagram a bit more to make sure the sunflowers were really there and within a half hour, Chris and I were in the car headed to Yellow Springs.

If you live in Columbus and are a fan of sunflowers, you have to make the trip to Yellow Springs to see the fields in person. There’s something so magical about being surrounded by sunflowers on all sides. Even more so – you can’t always predict exactly when they are going to bloom, so it’s sort of hit or miss. The first year we saw the sunflowers in bloom, it was the first week of October. The next year we were in Yellow Springs around the same time and drove over to the Tecumseh Land Trust and all we saw were brown fields of dead sunflowers. I usually keep my eye on Instagram and this year we got lucky that they bloomed around a holiday when we had no plans.

There is plenty more to do in the area so it’s well worth a trip. Chris and I always stop at Peifer Orchards when we are in the area to nose around the fresh produce and snacks. Usually we leave with apples and some frozen cider but knowing that we will be back in a month, we passed. If you stop by and want to get lunch you can stop at Young’s Dairy. For the outdoorsy types, I cannot recommend Glen Helen enough. ScenicĀ John Bryan State Park is also right around the corner.

If you are local to Columbus and missed the sunflowers this year, you can probably still catch a glimpse of them next weekend as not all the blooms have opened yet. We were surprised that there weren’t more people around but definitely wasn’t empty. The parking lot adjacent to the fields is very convenient, but if you plan on turning left, good luck!

If you are interested, you can read more about my trips to Yellow Springs here, here, and here.


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