Avocado Toast

avocado toast

What day is it?!

That above is my new obsession. It’s sooooo easy and absolutely delicious! All you have to do is toast some bread, slice up an avocado, squeeze a little lemon juice on top and add some salt and pepper, fry up an egg, and throw it all together. Chris and I have been eating this for breakfast almost every weekend and we haven’t gotten tired of it yet. Avocados are pretty much my favorite food ever and I like to keep a few on hand at all times. The egg part can be changed up depending on what you prefer (poached, fried, over easy, scrambled) and if you want a little extra kick throw on some red pepper flakes. You can also mash the avocado if you prefer that texture. If you haven’t joined the avocado toast craze yet, you should jump on it!

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