DIY Terrarium

diy terrarium

terrarium 5_ed

After receiving succulents as a wedding favor, I knew I wanted to test my green thumb and create a DIY terrarium. After a stop at Lowe’s to pick up cactus soil and pebbles, I pulled out some old Mason Jars and got to work. We were not able to scrape up some moss outside so that’s still on the list to add to the top of the soil in our terrariums. I placed the two jars in the living room where I expect them to receive plenty of sunshine during the day. I plan on watering them occasionally and hopefully this is one plant I will not kill!

1. Buy plants, containers, soil and pebbles


2. Add layer of pebbles to jar


3. Add thick layer of soil on top of pebbles and insert plant


4. Water

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  1. I have the succulents and jars if you can bring soil and pebbles!

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