Engagement Ring Holder DIY

engagement ring holder DIY craft


When I first got engaged, I found it difficult to remember to put my ring back on after taking it off. I would take it off to do dishes and wash my hand, and even though I always placed it in the same spot, I never felt 100% comfortable setting it down and often forgot to put it back on my finger. I bought a shallow bowl to place my ring in for bed (my finger swells way too much while I sleep and I read that you aren’t supposed to wear it at night anyway). I still wanted a safe place to put my ring when I’m in the kitchen washing dishes or cleaning. I came across a few different DIYs on Pinterest on how to make a ring holder out of a frame and decided to give it a try. Here’s my attempt:

What You Need

  • A small frame
  • Scissors
  • Super glue or a hot glue gun
  • Stuffing (or cotton balls, torn apart)
  • A fabric scrap
  • A corsage pin



  1. Cut out the fabric to fit the frame with an extra half inch on all sides.
  2. Glue the fabric to the template on three sides.
  3. Fill the fabric pouch with just enough to stuffing to fill it.
  4. Glue the last fabric edge to the template.
  5. Place the “pillow” into the frame.
  6. Place the corsage pin in the top center of the frame.
  7. Hang your ring. 🙂





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