How to Decorate a Mantel

how to decorate a mantel steps

My fiancee and I moved this past weekend into a much larger apartment. We were very excited about two two beautiful fireplaces that are in the downstairs rooms. I grew up with a fireplace and always loved how a mantel provides a decorating opportunity. It’s a little overwhelming trying to decide which items should go on the mantel and how they should be arranged but for now I thought I would keep it simple. Here are some tips I found on how to decorate a mantel:


1. Have a Color Scheme

The house we moved into was built in the 1920s and the exterior is mostly brick. I have an assortment of vintage, farm-like items that I wanted to display for everyone who visits to see. Fortunately, these items have a muted, mostly neutral color palette.


2. Group items together in Threes

I kept it simple by only placing six items on the mantel. Two are large and the others are smaller. I grouped the old blue Ball mason jars with the milk white vase while placing the Bath & Body Works candle with the old frame and window.


3. Layer

Since I had two large items, the frame and window, I decided it would be aesthetically pleasing to layer the smaller of the two in front of the other. This gives the mantel more dimension, just like layering does with your outfit.


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