Business Casual // Tan + Gingham

business casual tan + gingham

Wednesdays are always hard. The middle-of-the-week slowdown is in full swing and I’m dying for the weekend. Too often, I get caught in the monotony of a work week and my Monday-Friday go by without any shakeups. Thankfully, this week, I spent an evening with my lovely sister and nephew and then another at a Columbus Blue Jackets game with my dad. As much as I sometimes want to go home from work and crash on the couch until bed, it’s good for the soul to mix things up and spend time with someone you love. I try to not wish my work days away and doing something fun after work helps me enjoy the work week. In a not so subtle transition, I had Chris take a couple snapshots of a business casual look and almost didn’t post them. The last picture of Max really saves it for me.

I’ve never been someone to get super dressed up. For some reason as a kid, I used to long for a grownup office job that required me to wear heels and carry a briefcase. As I got older, I learned that I really don’t like dress pants and prefer to wear something more comfortable and more “me”. Most of the time I do suck it up and wear the dress pants, but it’s nice to relax with something a little more casual. My wonderful mother bought me these Denim Sloan Fit Ankle Pants from Banana Republic and unfortunately I haven’t gotten as much wear out of them as I would have liked. The fit is perfect for loafers or cute flats and a tucked in top.

My loafers are from Eastland and I ordered them on the bus on my way to class. They have broken in well and are some of my most comfortable work shoes. I pull them out whenever a brown shoe fits the job. If I were to ever put together a capsule wardrobe, I absolutely could not live without these.

On top, I’m wearing a gingham button-down from J.Crew Factory that I’ve had for years. It was super affordable and does the job. I do think I may eventually upgrade it for a top of higher quality since I do tend to wear it often. The tan sweater is a favorite from Madewell (sorry, it’s long gone). The sleeves have stretched out a bit but since it’s so comfortable, I’ll let it slide.


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