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early fall fashion

The weather has started to cool off and I feel that I am ready to transition to fall in all aspects of my life, but especially when it comes to my wardrobe. Fall clothing is my favorite and during the summer I miss my leggings, sweaters, and boots. Depending on where you live (and work), at the time I am writing this, you may want to hold off on the thick sweaters and riding boots but no matter where you live, early fall fashion is all about the layers. For some tips on layering, check out Chris’s blog post. As I start to swap out my clothing, I keep thinking about what I plan on wearing throughout the next couple of months and thought I would share some of my staples with you.

Early Fall Fashion Staples

Tees & Shirts

As a bottom layer, I like to have something that isn’t too thick. I’ve always been a huge t-shirt wearer so I always have lots of short sleeve and some long sleeve options on hand. I recently picked up the ‘I’m Fine’ tee from Daisy Natives and love that it’s a play on the popular slogan tees without being too silly. But beware, wear this shirt and you will get asked a hundred times what it says (not necessarily a bad thing). I can’t get enough stripes so this Madewell number is one that I have a variation of, but I think I need to get my hands on this exact one. These two items can be mixed and matched with anything else in your wardrobe and they will match and also hopefully keep you comfortable without getting you too warm. A nice, simple button-down also wouldn’t hurt to wear under the sweaters and jackets from the next category. Tigertree is one of my absolutely favorite stores in Columbus and I always find things I like from brands that I haven’t necessarily heard of, which I like.

Sweaters & Jackets

Once I have a shirt on, I always layer up with a cardigan or jacket because I am always cold. Cardigans are my favorite because they are super comfortable and can add a lot to an outfit. Practically half of my closet is filled with sweaters, such as this one from BP, but I still want more. I justify it because I wear them every single day. When it’s cool enough outside that I need to add an additional layer, I add a thin jacket like this one from Vernacular. It is usually enough to keep me warm but not so bulky that it’s annoying if I need to carry it around. Another wardrobe staple of mine (especially for work) is a pullover sweater. During the fall, I like to keep them on the thin side and always in a neutral that I can wear with any wash of denim.

early fall fashion fall transition
I’m Fine Tee | Softspun Double-V Dress | Frankie Shirt | ‘Yale’ Chelsea Boot | Wedgie Fit Jeans | BP Lightweight Rip Stitch Cardigan | Whisper Cotton Long Sleeve Crewneck Tee | Luke HatRib Crew Neck Jumper | Zella Live In High Waist Leggings | Katz + Birds Oxford | Lilani Jacket


When it comes to bottoms, I keep it pretty simple. On any given day, you will either find me in jeans (most likely) or leggings (more likely on the weekends or in the wintertime). I just picked up these Levi’s in the wedgie fit and I love them! They are a thicker denim, which I think is more appropriate in the cooler months than stretch jeans. If the top I am wearing is long enough to partially cover my bum, I usually break out my leggings. I like them flexible but 100% opaque so I love these from Zella. On the rare occasion that I want to mix things up, a midi or maxi dress can be fun under a sweater or jacket. This one from Gap is almost a sweater material so it’s pretty perfect for early fall. I currently own it in grey but I love it in pink!

Footwear & Accessories

The final touch is obviously the shoes and accessories. During the fall, I mostly live in boots and when it isn’t quite cold enough for riding boots, I tend to stick to booties like these. Something short with a classic shape (like a chelsea boot) in a neutral color will go with every outfit and keeps things chic. I am trying to branch out when it comes to footwear so I hope to get my hands on a pair of lace-up oxfords like the Katz + Birds Oxford. Finally, I’m not huge into accessories (with the exception of scarves) but I am desperately trying to become a hat person. I love how they look and have been slowly building up the courage to wear them. I have a simple one like this one at Artisan Deluxe and I plan on wearing it a lot this fall, especially when it starts to cool down enough that I will want something on my head.


I typed this all from my couch with a hoodie on and a blanket and cat on my lap because it’s so cold in our house. I know it’s a bit early to get excited about fall but I can’t help it! I will be sad to see the heat of summer go but tis life. It just keeps going. It isn’t quite cold enough out to wear what I want but thanks to an arctic office, I am breaking out all of my early fall fashion pieces. Happy weekend!

If you can’t get enough of early fall fashion, you can read all about my favorite fall footwear.

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