The Future is Female OOTD // featuring the Cara Short & Caroline Crossbody Clutch

future is female ootd

It’s my favorite day of the work week, Friday. It’s been a moderately stressful week but I got to spend an evening with my nephew and didn’t have any appointments after work so that helped keep it from becoming overwhelming. International Women’s Day refreshed me though listening to the news on the radio in the car sometimes leaves me sad and there were several times throughout the week that I had to change the station. I am looking forward to a weekend with no plans and hope to float through it with lots of relaxation, love, and a dash of productivity. I’m kicking off the beginning of the weekend with my favorite Future is Female OOTD featuring two of my accessory go-tos: the Cara Short from Frye and the Caroline Crossbody Clutch from Vernacular (previously mentioned here).

I don’t remember when I first saw the Future is Female tee in the online shop Moorea Seal (one of my favorites) but I knew I had to have it. It was out of stock and when I received an email that it was back, I jumped on it. I was pleasantly surprised by how soft it is when I first got it in the mail and I now regret not picking up the sweatshirt version of it too. I may have to place an order when it’s back in stock (or hunt it down from another vendor). It’s comfortable, simple, and conveys one of my favorite messages. Girl power all the way, baby.

future is female ootd

As I mentioned in my review of the Caroline Crossbody Clutch, it’s the bag I didn’t know I was looking for. This was originally meant to be my on-the-go bag for a night out or a shopping trip but I found it so nice to carry less on me that I’m keeping it around for everyday use a bit longer. I love that it keeps my cards handy without a separate wallet and it has separate compartments so I am never wasting time rummaging through to find what I’m looking for (like chapstick or my keys). I do miss the function of my Transport Tote but this was bag is just so dang handy.

future is female caroline crossbody clutch

An oversized sweater and leggings is my go-to outfit. Like I mentioned in my weekend uniform┬ápost, I’m all about comfort. I have a couple favorite leggings, like these from Lou & Grey, that I cycle through every week. I like ’em extra soft and with a little thickness. I’ve had the Lou & Grey ones for a couple years now and they have held up well.

The cardigan, however, is new. I’m always cold so sweaters (especially cardigans) have always been a must. I was at Nordstrom the other day with Chris and picked this beauty, the Midland Cardigan Sweater, up from the Madewell racks. It’s not the only grey sweater I have but it’s on its way to becoming my favorite. I think the weight and cut is absolute perfection.

future is female ootd

I am all about boots. I was never much of a shoe person but when it comes to boots… I’ll never have enough. Every year I end up adding one of two pairs to my collection. Frye boots have always been some of my favorites but I always have struggled with the price point. I think you get what you pay for but it still hurts my wallet. Personally, I’ve never paid full price for a pair but I don’t know if I can say the same for Chris (who has spoiled me with a couple pairs over the years). I saw the Cara Short on Frye’s Instagram account here and there and when I saw they were having a sale, I jumped on them. Not only are they suede, but the greyish color is different from what I normally go for and I think I’ll get a lot of use out of them all year round.

Sounds like we are in for a cold week, which I guess we deserve after an amazingly warm winter (hello, climate change). You will probably find me in an outfit similar to the one above just maybe without stylish curls and a bun or ponytail in their place. I hope I can recharge and prepare for a new week. Peace out, everyone!

How appropriate that this is going up on International Women's Day and the "day without
There used to be a time where I would straighten my hair and put on
It has been forever since I have done an OOTD (or outfit of the day).

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  1. Are these the “elephant oiled suede” color? Love this look!

    1. Yes they are! I love the grey color and they go with so many things. Thank you!

  2. Do you think the Cara shorts fit true to size?

    1. I do! I’m like a 9.5-10 and picked these up in a size 10. I wear somewhat thick socks with them and they fit great.

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