ModCloth Stylish Surprise 2014 Review


I love ModCloth and the Stylish Surprise event(s) but I was very disappointed this time around. I received an alert on my phone that it was available and instantly threw an apparel, shoe and apartment item into my cart. Upon checkout, though, I continuously received an error message and was not able to complete my order. I made my way over to ModCloth’s Facebook page and realized many people were having this problem so I waited. When they finally made it available again, you only had the option of an apparel or shoe item so I excitedly added them both. It wasn’t until my item arrived that I realized they had oversold the shoe item so I only received an apparel one. This in itself was extremely disappointing and was not overly impressed by what I received. I don’t blame MC on this, though, because that’s part of the gamble. I received a pretty cute tank, which I would never have paid more than $10 for anyway, but I am sure I will wear it this summer. But, come on, there’s no way this item fell in the $29.99-$299.99 range.


Again, I’m extremely disappointed that even though I jumped on this opportunity as soon as it was announced, I wasn’t able to get an apartment or shoe item. Also, I’m not convinced that the item I received was more than $29.99, which is the biggest reason I participate. 🙁

Did anyone else participate in the Stylish Surprise this time around? Do you think it was worth it?

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