Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks 2019

nordstrom anniversary sale picks 2019

Another year, another Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Early access is currently on through the 18th. I figured I would put together a similar post to last year, which has led me to reflect on how much has changed. Last year, I shared my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale picks while pregnant. This year, I share them with a 9 month old while I prepare to become a SAHM.

I loved being pregnant, but I am SO happy to be able to wear more things in my wardrobe… though, nursing does make it a bit tricky when it comes to tops. I never dressed very formal at work to begin with, but I imagine my days going forward will be spent in loungewear. However, I wanted to pick up a couple things I could wear when I felt like a little effort into my appearance.

Double-breasted plaid blazer | Wedgie icon fit high waist ankle jeans | Print front button top | Rib wrap sweater | Brenner bootie | Oversize denim jacket |Ryder colorblock cardigan sweater | Track trousers | Dream street knit jumpsuit

This year, I picked up most of the things that are on my list of sale picks. The Levi’s are a fit that I already know I love, but in black (which I don’t own) and are in my new size that should fit me better than my older jeans. I also live in sweaters, so the Madewell one will get a lot of use. Thirdly, the Madewell denim jacket is something I already own and it’s great! Highly, highly recommend it.

From there, I built out my list on some classics that are for the most part, missing from my wardrobe. I finally caved and grabbed a plaid blazer. We shall see how the fit it but it may go back if I don’t think I’ll get enough wear out of it. Another iffy item is the Madewell track trousers. I love the vibe, but I’m not sure they are going to be long enough for me. I do think the two tops (button-down and wrap top) will get a lot of wear. The booties and jumpsuit I skipped out on because I don’t need them, but they’re both super cute!

Given my new position (or lack thereof), I don’t think I will be spending much more on clothing in the future. I am pretty satisfied with my current wardrobe and and actually have a lot of room to purge a bit. Hopefully, this Nordstrom Anniversary Sale will be my last hoorah and I will end up keeping everything… we shall see!

I went a bit overboard this year with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, which surprised me.
Well, the most wonderful time of the year (for shopping) has arrived. Maybe it's that
For the past couple of years, I have had early access to the Nordstrom Anniversary

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