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overalls & stripes ootd

What a beautiful weekend we had. As far as weekends go, this one was pretty damn near perfect. Chris was back from Seattle and the weather was amazing. We started Saturday morning with breakfast with friends at Starliner Diner and then Chris and I had a fun photo session at Homestead Park. When Chris and I were in the early stages of dating, we used to have photo dates at nearby parks all the time armed with our point-and-shoot cameras. We’ve come a long way since then. The weather Saturday ended up being pretty nice and we did some shopping at Easton before drinks and apps at World of Beer. I’m usually quite the homebody and I truly believe I am an old soul deep down inside, but I tried to get out of my comfort zone by picking up a pair of overalls (what decade is it again) and getting drinks with the post-dinner crowd. I broke out my overalls & stripes on Sunday for a family dinner and really dug the look.

I remember being in elementary school and loving my overalls. I had a pair of khaki corduroy ones and a pair of denim ones. It was cool to wear them with one strap undone and any old t-shirt underneath. I can’t remember when these stopped being “in” but they are back in full swing. When I first started seeing them pop up, I was pretty torn on whether I loved them or hated them. The more I saw other people wearing them, the more I wanted a pair. I finally popped into Madewell with the intention of picking some up because their denim is some of my favorite and I love the skinny fit. I definitely could use these in a tall but since they don’t carry them in talls, the regulars will have to do. I tried them on in a small and there was NO way that was going to work but the medium fits just fine. I think it you are wider in the hips than me, you will definitely have to size up. They aren’t too forgiving in that area… but I kind of like it that way.

I am still deciding if I’m a fan of the drop-hem or not. I tried on a pair of jeans earlier this month with a drop-hem and didn’t feel I could pull it off. The drop-hem is definitely on trend as I see it everywhere I turn. It’s starting to grow on me but I definitely think it’s a bit of a man repeller style (kind of makes me like it even more). The best part about these overalls has to be the versatility. I was a bit on the edge of getting a pair with shorts, but I’m happy I didn’t. Though I could use a bit more length in the leg, I love that I can wear them with sneakers, flats, or booties and still look put together. I can also slap on any top underneath and be comfortable. Since it was actually hot outside yesterday, a striped tank from Madewell was my top of choice.

Do I feel like a giant kid again? Yes. Did I feel like I stuck out like a sore thumb? No. While out and about I saw at least two women also wearing overalls and I wanted to stop them and say, “I like your style”. Overalls are pretty ballsy (at least from my perspective) but I find that the older I get, the more I don’t care about what others will think of my outfit if it makes me feel good (or as Marie Kondo puts it, it ‘sparks joy’). My beloved overalls are now hanging in my closet and will likely be making the voyage overseas with me to Denmark next month.

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As far as weekends go, this was a good one. As per usual, Chris and
This weekend was a great balance of busy and not busy (my favorite). We slept
There used to be a time where I would straighten my hair and put on

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