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There used to be a time where I would straighten my hair and put on jeans and a nice blouse before going out in public. Those times are long behind me. I’ve always loved to be comfortable, and over the last year or so, I’ve started to collect articles of clothing that I was comfortable in. As a full time worker, I spend most of my time in dress pants and blouses. The second I get home, and Chris can attest to this, I change into sweats and an oversized t-shirt and clean all the makeup off of my face. My dad always changed immediately upon coming home from work, so I think it’s in my DNA. If I can be, I want to be 100% comfortable. Comfortable clothes have quickly become my weekend uniform.

I stayed away from tennis shoes outside of the gym for years because I thought it made my size 9.5 feet look too big. At some point, I just got over this and thank goodness for that. Aside from my running shoes, I only have three pairs of tennis shoes but they are my favorite shoes to wear. It started when I was in banking and stood all day long. I used to stand at the teller station and dream of wearing comfortable, cushiony sneakers. I would come home from work and if we went out, I would have to wear tennis shoes. My style is definitely black and white Nikes (see here and here) but I did go outside of my comfort zone with these dusty pink New Balances.

Leggings. There seems to be those who absolutely hate leggings as pants but I am so thankful that they are in style right now. I wore the crap out of my Lou & Grey ones from Loft but picked up the Live In Slim Fit Leggings from Zella during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and they are now my absolute favorite pair. They are so comfortable and are actually long enough that they go all the way to my ankles (for someone who is almost 5’10”, this is a huge deal). I got these on sale but I am definitely picking up a pair of the high-waisted ones as soon as I can.

The final two components of my weekend uniform are a slouchy tee and an oversized sweater (if there’s a chill in the air). The tees and cardigans rotate regularly but my favorites are the Deep-V Neck Tee in white from Lush and this old grey sweater from Macy’s (similar). Throw my hair into a bun and some mascara and on a typical weekend, I’m good to go (add a coat and scarf for the cold winter months).

If you are curious, my bag is the Madewell Transport Tote. I’ve had it for over two years and pretty much use it every single day. It can be tricky to keep everything organized inside but it has worn well and goes with everything.

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