Favorite Christmas Traditions

favorite christmas traditions

Like many families, my family and I have traditions that we participate in around Christmas time. I love getting to spend some time with my family and look forward to doing these various things all year. My favorite Christmas traditions are:

1. Watching Christmas Vacation, Every year, for as far back as I can remember, my family has sat down to watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (sometimes multiple times)

2. Christmas even happy hour, For the past few years we have put on a family Happy Hour on Christmas Eve before we head to our evening church service. It’s a fun way to spend some time together before going to church and coming home to watch a movie

3. Baking & decorating cookies, Probably my favorite Christmas tradition. Every year we sit down and bake several dozen sugar cookies using our numerous Christmas cookie cutters. We then decorate them as best we can and set them aside to enjoy over the weeks.Favorite-Traditions

4. Decorating the Christmas tree, My family usually decorates the Christmas tree as a family on Thanksgiving or the day after. Now that I have my own tree as well, we still make a point to listen to traditional Christmas music while decorating the tree together.

5. Marking off the days on the advent calendar, This calendar is older than me and I have many memories of marking off the days in December and fighting over who gets to put up the final piece, Santa Claus

6. Exchanging Gifts, My sisters and I always exchange gifts on Christmas eve after our church service. It’s a super fun tradition and a great precursor to the main gift exchanging event, Christmas morning. On Christmas morning, my family sits in a circle and we all take turns opening presents, helping us savor the moment.

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