Favorite January Pins

I can’t believe that we’re finishing up the first month of 2015. It was a cool month but fortunately it wasn’t nearly as bad as January 2014. Chris and I have spent quite a bit of the last month or so personalizing our home and making it more “us”. We purchased and have put together a home bar cart and it has been very rewarding. We’re slowly learning how to mix our own drinks and enjoy browsing through our bar books and Pinterest for new recipes to try. Aside from my focus on the bar, I’ve also been trying to expand my cooking by adding new recipes into the mix of my tried-and-true favorites (such as this, this, and this). We’re at a place in our lives where we are becoming more like adults and are looking forward to the exciting things that the future holds. Pinterest is as always a huge inspiration board and here are my favorite pins from this last month:

Favorite JANuary Pins 20151. Jute Home Noe Valley Kitchen, I’m a sucker for a white kitchen and open shelves. When we finally purchase a home, the kitchen is the most important factor.

2. Simple Green Moms Skinny Fried Egg Avocado Toast, I love, love, love avocados and eggs. I like the idea of incorporating avocados into my breakfast.

3. Cookin Canuck Strawberry & Lime Tom Collins Cocktail Recipe, As we work on our bar and learning new drinks, I find myself forever drawn to gin cocktails.

4. Breakfast at Yurman’s Hair Style, My hair is a little longer than normal so I love the idea that I can style it more with braids like this beautiful half up-do

5. Domaine Home Exclusive Look at Emily Henderson’s Chic LA Studio, This is not only exactly our bar cart but I also have gone to this image for inspiration on how to style our cart.

6. My Paradissi Neo-Boho in the Bedroom,¬†Our bedroom is the room I’ve spent the least amount of time decorating and I feel that this image is a nice mix of Chris and I’s styles.

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