Favorite Spring Things

favorite spring things carrot cake

This weekend has the promise of being the first real spring weekend. With highs in the mid to upper 70s, I will certainly not complain. This winter was so long and cold and has made me yearn for spring even more than usual. I was beginning to have nightmares that my wedding day would be cold even though it is in June, which is usually in the upper 70s. This weekend’s forecast is especially exciting for me because I have TWO showers. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to finally wear a dress without a sweater or tights. I also plan on wearing open toe shoes (!). Unfortunately, my legs are in some seriously need of sunshine so I will be showcasing some pasty skin. Here are some of my favorite spring things:

You can never go wrong with a bright sun dress. This is one of the newer dressed added to ModCloth’s collection and I made sure I ordered it as soon as it went up on the site. I cannot wait to get it in the mail and wear it on a bright, sunny day.
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Warmer weather is usually the time that most people cut their hair. For the last year I’ve been growing out my hair for my wedding day. I usually keep a pretty short cut so it has been especially difficult for me to only get trims. After my wedding, I plan on getting a cut just like this one.0f790a216bd50b159fa6d86fd46b78b3

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After a cold, grey winter, the colorful signs of spring are welcome. I always get giddy when I see sprouts coming out of the ground and buds on the trees. Tulips are some of my favorites and I love all the happy colors they come in. The blossoms on the trees make me miss Athens and the beautiful Japanese Cherry Trees that bloom along the river.

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Spring is the perfect time to enjoy my favorite dessert – carrot cake! Carrot cake is the perfect Easter dessert but I think it’s appropriate to enjoy in various forms all year long. 🙂a3234073bd8de6daa19c3e57e850f861

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With the arrival of spring comes the start of wedding season. This year I’m especially exciting for the most important wedding I will ever attend – my own! Tomorrow will mark the 8 weeks mark and I canNOT believe it! Where the heck has the time gone? Fortunately I’ve completed all the big things and only have to finish up all the small details.

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