Tigertree Favorites

tigertree favorites

Tigertree is one of my favorite shops in the Short North. The shop opened in 2007 but I did not discover it until 2012 when I moved to Victorian Village. Chris and I spend many warm evenings and weekends exploring the area when we first moved in and Tigertree is one of the first shops we went in to. It caught our attention with its funky and eye-catching window displays, such as this one from Holiday 2013. The shop is full of not only men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories, but also fun knick knacks and gift items (such as the book ends and Ohio necklace I’ve included in my favorites). For Christmas 2013, we did a lot of shopping for our friends and family at Tigertree. They have many fun and unique cards, jewelry, and housewares. I’ve since done a bit more research on Tigertree and found that it was started by a couple from LA who fell in love with the city. I always love hearing about people from other cities, especially big ones like LA, who fall in love with Columbus and the Short North. If you’re in the Short North and need a new piece of clothing or a gift for someone you love, stop at Tigertree.


Some of my current favorites that are available in-store and online:

1. Women’s Suede Desert TOMS Wedge, $89

2. Baggu Weekend Bag Sailor Stripe, $72

3. HomArt Cast Iron Jack Russel Bookend Set, $48

4. Ann Holeman Solid Silver Ohio Necklace, $52

5. Yumi Broderie Anglaise Dress, $98

6. Goorin Paulette Cloche, $54

Please note, if you visit their site, you are only seeing a small selection of all the awesomeness that they offer. It truly is an experience to visit the shop.

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