Budget Powder Room Makeover

Budget powder room makeover with black wall with gold faucet and mirror

Aside from the nursery, Chris and I didn’t touch any of the rooms in our house before we moved in. The whole house (except the laundry room and living room) were my least favorite color… beige. Unfortunately, we don’t have a ton of free time to paint or make the changes I want, so I decided to start small with a budget makeover of our first floor powder room.


This room was fine. It’s semi-updated, tiny, but gets the job done. It is a room, though, that we use pretty regularly as well as any guests we have over so it was important to me that we eventually got it looking how I wanted. We briefly contemplated a proper reno, but neither of us have the mental energy to endure this nor the funds. We decided on a budget makeover, which I hoped we could do in a weekend (LOL)!

Before, this room had beige walls, a white builder grade vanity, a large wall mirror, and an updated-but-not-our-style light. I figured paint, a new light and a couple fixture updates would do the trick.

budget powder room makeover before
budget powder room makeover before
budget powder room makeover before

I browsed Pinterest and eventually decided to do something different than my go-to white walls and paint a wall black or navy. After looking at swatches, I decided on Valspar New Black and gold accents. Originally (and maybe still possibly) I planned to paint all the walls black and add beadboard, but in order to get things done quicker and with less effort, we painted the 1 wall black and the rest white.

Powder Room Inspiration

For the sake of getting this room done sooner rather than later with minimal effort, we decided to leave the vanity (though I hate the surface). I wasn’t sure what the floor would look like beneath it (since it’s original and the floor isn’t) so rather than replace with a natural wood vanity, we left it as is and just added some black knobs from Target. We paired them with a new black towel ring and toilet paper holder.

Budget powder room makeover with black wall and messy vanity

From there, we added a gold rimmed mirror, gold sconce, and gold faucet. I cannot believe how much of a difference these updates have made. I already had this black and white rug and some white towels, so those were “free”! Eventually, I want to add shelves/a large piece of art but for now, we’ll call it done and move on to the next room.


Wowzer this still took longer than I expected. A baby really slows production down. After a few weekends of work, we finally had our completed bathroom! The paint was more difficult than I anticipated with the edging around the black wall, but after a few touch-ups it was good enough for me! I LOVE the mirror, light, and faucet. Those made a huge impact and though the toilet paper holder and towel ring may not stand out, they are a huge improvement from what was originally there. Overall, this room looks much more stylish and less like an after thought. I’m pretty happy. 🙂 I may eventually add some art or a shelf above the toilet, but for now, we’re calling it complete!

Budget Powder Room Makeover  Toilet and vanity with gold faucet, gold rimmed mirror, and gold wall sconce
Budget Powder Room Makeover  Toilet and vanity with gold rimmed mirror
Budget Powder Room Makeover  Toilet and vanity with gold faucet

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