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dining room inspiration

When we moved into our new house we finally had enough room to have a separate dining room. It’s not a room that gets used as an entertaining or eating space very often but it’s still the first room everyone sees when they come to our house. I definitely do not have enough furniture to fill my house and the dining room is the room that needs the most filling. I have a dining table and four chairs and that’s about it. I currently have my desk in this room to help fill it up but would REALLY love to get a buffet + hutch combo to define the space as a dining area and provide a space to display some of my things. I really like the vintage, eclectic look and cannot wait to inject it into my dining room. Here are some of my favorite inspirational rooms:

Ok, so this is actually a wedding reception but there are still a lot of great things going on that can translate over into a personal dining room. First of all, I absolutely adore the mismatched chairs. If I had it my way, all my chairs would be different and none would match my table. I also love the soft colors of the table cloth and the fresh flowers.

dining room2

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So this room is really white and I love it. From the beautiful farm house-y white table to the mismatched chairs. The bright window light coming through, the white fireplace + mantel and the place settings are perfect.
dining room3

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Mmm how I love the dark wood floors, light walls and yellow chairs of this room. I think it’s very elegant without being too predictable. I hope to someday have a beautiful chandelier in my dining room, which adds a formal touch to the space.

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I’m mainly including this image because of all the colors. I love the yellows, magentas and blues in this room. The huge windows and built-in book shelf don’t hurt either. This space is far more grand and formal than I ever plan on having but the color inspiration is great!

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One of my favorites! I love the contrast of the white buffet with the dark table and chairs. I think the bright dishes add an appropriate pop of color and this room looks very doable and livable

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Another favorite. Again, I love the contrast of the white table with the darker chairs, floors and buffet. I really like the thrown together look and the country flair. I really hope to be able to find the perfect buffet + hutch combo soon to add to my room

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Based off things I already own and would love to get, here’s how I would put together my perfect dining room:


Spode “Blue Italian” 5-Piece Place Setting, $110.50

Lotus Pitcher, $28

CSERA Surfaces Horticouture 1 Art Print, $24

Fleur-De-Lys Tumbler, $8

Willa Yellow Side Chair, $149

Willa Snow Side Chair, $149

Terravida Grey Wash 87″ Dining Table, $

Magical Thinking Flourish Tile Handmade Rug, $89

Liberations Bar Cart, $599

Riedel Vivant Balloon Decanter, $23.99

Inside Out Bowls, $8/each

Short Drum Pendant, $149

Color Blocked Cake Stands, $16-48

Interior White Kitchen Buffet with Double Glass Door Hutch, $1,529.99

Willa Mint Side Chair, $149


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  1. Love your inspiration pictures. Those yellow chairs are killer!!

    1. Thanks! I love them as well. They are very sophisticated yet still fun.

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