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dining space mood board inspiration

If you read my November goals, you know that putting together our dining space is one of the things I hope to accomplish by the end of the month. This space has transformed many times since we moved in and has been coming together bit by bit. I would say this space is about 80% complete but there are a few more things we want to pick up before we call our dining space finished. To help provide some direction, I put together a little dining room inspiration mood board.


Our dining space transformation began just about a year ago when we picked up the West Elm Mid-Century Expandable Dining Table from a dock sale at the Columbus location. We had our eye on it for quite some time and got a great deal on it at the sale. We set it up immediately with our old chairs around it and it just never looked quite right. We spent the better part of the last 6 months or so trying to find the perfect dining chairs.

When it came to chairs, I struggled to pull away from the modern farmhouse styled that I love (this and this). Not only are these chairs super expensive but I wasn’t sure they matched the style of the table. Chris and I have a shared Pinterest board where we pin home items we like and it was full of dining chair options that just didn’t quite speak to me. Last month I was finally fed up and during the 25% everything sale West Elm had going on, I forced myself to pick out chairs. We both settled on the Classic Café Chair and decided to pop into the Easton location during our lunch break and can you believe it they had 4 in store and on sale. We were able to add the 25% on top of the sale price and I was a very happy camper. They look perfect with our table!


Our most recent addition to our dining space is this round mirror from Target. I’ve owned it for quite some time now but didn’t have a spot for it. After a short stay above my dresser, it has finally been hung in the dining space. It is not a massive mirror by any means but I love how it sits flush against the wall and bounces light around, making our dining space feel a bit bigger and brighter. Eventually I think we will hang additional items around it but in the meantime, it hangs alone.

dining space mood board dining room inspiration

The Large Mobile Chandelier from West Elm is one of my favorite items that they make. I love that you can switch out the bulbs to give it a totally different look and it gives you the flexibility to hang it higher or lower depending on your space. I picked it up during a sale a few months back but we haven’t installed it yet and it’s killing me! We definitely plan to hang it before the month ends and I cannot wait to see how it pairs with our dining table.

The item that I have been struggling with the most is the rug. Our kitchen floors are a dark brown tile that almost mimics the look of wood. Our kitchen gets next to no natural light so the floor just make the space look even darker. I hope to get a rug that adds some color without adding to the darkness and the Crush Pond Aqua Rug from Article is my current favorite (similar, similar). My only concern is that it may be difficult to keep it clean since but as we are currently child-less, hopefully that won’t be a huge issue.

This table runner from Target (and is of course sold out because, Chip and Joanna) is not the exact one we have but is very similar. I love how a table runner can change up the look of a table with almost no effort. Our runner adds a touch of the modern farmhouse look that I just can’t seem to let go of and makes the space a bit cozier. Since we eat dinner at our table 3 nights a week I cannot wait to wrap it up and have a dining space that feels like us.


I was browsing my Pinterest to try to find dining rooms I love and I quickly realized that I have not pinned very many. I love eat in kitchens but Pinterest doesn’t usually offer a lot of dining room inspiration to accommodate that type of space. I settled on the two images you see above and funny enough, they come from the same people (New Darlings). I already knew I loved their style but I had a little chuckle about picking two of their dining spaces. The space in the top left can be found here and the image in the bottom right can be found here. I love that both spaces mix bright white with dark natural tones, which is definitely the look I am going for in our kitchen/dining space. I would love to include plants like they have in both their rooms but I just know that our dark space would not allow it.

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