Home Office Inspiration

home office inspiration

Now that I finally live in a house (rather than a teeny tiny apartment), I’ve spent a lot of time browsing decor inspiration and would LOVE to put together a home office. In my house there’s a small room off of the master that would be PERFECT for a home office. I find myself drawn to everything bright, airy and crisp, exemplified in the following images. Here is my home office inspiration:


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I love this modern take on a bulletin board in this framed inspiration board.


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I love the fresh flowers and the pops of gold and pink on an all white desk.

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Monogram Mugs, $8

Curtains, $69.95

Chevron Rug, $199.99

Ikea Desk, $89.99

Globe, $79.95

Monogram Tray, $24

Desk Chair, $299.99

Desk Lamp, $99

File Cabinet, $129.99

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  1. Love it! I’m dying for a desk from Ikea.

    1. Ikea has great prices. Have you ever been to the one in Cinci? It’s epic!

  2. Great inspiration here, love the monogrammed items.
    x d

    1. Thank you! I think monogrammed items are a great way to personalize your space!

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