Ikea Wish List

An excess of free time and a bunch of new stuff has led me to spend more time cleaning, organizing, and online shopping for storage solutions. My current focus is on providing additional kitchen storage. I am so lucky to have received so many wonderful wedding gifts from friends and family but I am struggling to find a place for all the items in my current kitchen. I’m especially in need of a place to store all my wine and barware and some of the nicer pieces I received as wedding and shower gifts. My second task is to transform my small back room into a walk-in closet/storage room. A set of drawers and full-length mirror would make the room much more functional.

ikea wish list

I love Ikea because their quality is average and their prices are great. I like the option to buy new furniture without having too spend a ton. Fortunately, there is an Ikea store in West Chester so it’s only a couple hours away. Here are the things I would like to get for my home (for less than $500):

1. HEMNES Chest with Five Drawers, $149

2. LACK TV Unit, $49.99

3. KNAPPER Floor Mirror, $69.99

4. BISSA Shoe Cabinet with Two Compartments, $24.99

5. ISALA Cabinet, $179

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