Instagram Home Decor Inspiration

Instagram Home Decor Inspiration

I feel like I’ve been waiting forever to buy a house. After renting for over three years, I’m over it. Last summer I started looking at houses online in an attempt to prepare myself for what I should expect to be able to afford. It wasn’t until late this fall that I actually started to get ready for the real house hunt. We got pre-approved and started the search. I’m looking forward to owning and making a place my own. When you rent, you often find things that you don’t like and you have to learn to live with it. With ownership, you can change the things you don’t like (albeit it’s going to cost you).

Chris and I have a specific taste and I’m so excited to put our stuff in a new space and really start to settle in. I’ve been attracted to all things home decor, and have found loads of inspiration on Instagram. I did sneak in one non-Instagram photo but the room was so beautiful I couldn’t resist.

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