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One of the things I liked most about our house is it’s lack of updates. It was built in the early ’90s so I wouldn’t say it’s old, which is nice coming from a house built 40 years prior. C and I want to be able to put our touch on something in our own time rather than put money into a house that has finishes we do not like. The kitchen, especially, is a blank slate. Builder grade all around while also not too intimidating of a process (maybe I’ll come back to this and laugh at how naive I sound).

I’m trying not to get too far ahead of myself with the house. We don’t plan to do anything too major, but I know that even small projects can take a lot of time… especially with a baby in the house. I like to dream and plan, so mood boards are already a thing that I do so I figured why not share them here. For the first in the series, here is my new kitchen inspiration mood board.

Kitchen Inspiration Mood Board

kitchen inspiration kitchen mood board

You probably have noticed, but I’m a bit of a white-everything-girl. I like white walls, white bedding, and typically, white cabinets. And painting out cabinets white is the easy way to go, but I really do like the look of darker grey or blue cabinets with white countertops, sink, and backsplash. I also love the bicolor look (dark on lower cabinets and white on uppers) like you see in this kitchen.

And as much as I love this kitchen, we canNOT go without upper cabinets… we barely have enough cabinet space to begin with! I do love the range hood and subway tile backsplash, though. I’m also pretty dead-set on a apron-front farmhouse sink, like in the image above. Small shallow sinks are not for me.

I love that our kitchen is visible from the living room, which is another reason I want to get it right. Our overall style is a bit mid century modern with a dash of scandi so the space will need to flow with the rest of the house. I’m optimistic it will eventually get there!

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