Living Room Inspiration: Updated

I’m surprised how much my home decor tastes have changed. I would say I started off being into a more traditional look with a touch of country. I’ve always liked bright and happy and eclectic rooms have always caught my eye. At our current house, the style of the room set the tone for how I decorate each room. It’s a bit of a mishmash right now since we have just bought pieces along the way over the last 3 years we’ve lived together. Our living room is where we spend most of our time and it’s a space that I’ve wanted to make comfortable and stylish while still showcasing the things we love. It’s been slowly transforming into a more adult and modern space and I’ve been browsing Pinterest for inspiration to make it even more “us”.

I did a previous living room inspiration post just over a year ago and I feel like I haven’t strayed as much as I thought I may have. The biggest change is that I’m trying to not be overly feminine since Chris has to share the space with me as well. I’ve been working really hard to try to create spaces that suit both our tastes. I’m trying to take inspiration from modern, Scandinavian-style rooms as they seem to have things both Chris and I like. The biggest challenge now is filling our living room with pieces that are stylish without overspending. I’ve been browsing Ikea, West Elm, and Dot & Bo to try and find furniture and accessories that will complete the space. I might do a little post on our current living room in the near future. In the meantime, here are some rooms that I love:

I am absolutely obsessed with this room. It could be the amazing rug, the various house plants, or the shelf and gallery in the back buuuuut this is probably my favorite living room I’ve come across

living room inspiration updated{image source}

This room is very similar to the one above, and again I love the rug and house plants! The grey couch reminds me of the one we have currently so I can definitely see our living room looking like thisliving room inspiration updated 2{image source}

This room reminds me so much our our living room with our wall of white built in shelves and I love how styled these ones are. I am always tweaking the items on our shelves so I can display some of my favorite things without looking like a messliving room inspiration updated 3{image source}

This room has a different color scheme than I plan on using but I love all the throw pillows on the couch and the crisp white walls. It looks like a room you could actually hang out indef9f5f4f3b72702b99400acff8a8918{image source}

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  1. Karen Brown says: Reply

    Great post Sam. Love the rooms. Love the idea of the couch in front of the built in shelves.

  2. Love these inspirations!

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