Living Room Tour

living room tour

When I first stepped into my house, I immediately fell in love with the hardwood floors and the spacious living room. The walls were a green-grey and showcased the beautiful built-ins and fireplace, but the finish was glossy and poorly done. I get teased a lot but whenever I am thinking about painting a room, I always go with white. I will settle for grey if there’s going to be a fight but for our living room, I envisioned all white walls with color inserted with furniture and accessories. One of the first things we did to our home is paint the living room walls all white (victory!). After we had the floors refinished, I was even happier with my decision to paint the walls white since our floors are now so dark and the room needed some brightening. We started to fill our room with our furniture and over the last 6 months, we have added a bit more to make it more adult and ‘us’ but we are still far from complete. I thought it would be nice to document the evolution of our first home with a series that I am kicking off with a living room tour.


Looking at my living room, my favorite parts are the fireplace and the windows. I am a firm believer that there is never enough natural light in a room. My favorite furniture pieces are our reclaimed wood coffee table and vintage mustard yellow armchair I inherited from my Grandma. My tastes have changed a lot over the years but I feel that Chris and I have finally come together with an aesthetic that we can both agree on and be happy with. I hope over time we can start to retire some of our more college-aged pieces and replace them with adult pieces that we can keep for years to come (Craigslist Ikea TV stand, I’m looking at you). Our first big purchase for our new home was this BEAUTIFUL rug from West Elm. It’s plush and amazing and worth every dollar.



This yellow chair has always been something that I have loved. I have vivid memories of staying the night with my grandparents when I was a kid and staying in the spare room with a daybed, sewing machine, and this armchair. My grandma was a smoker but thankfully most of the smell has dissipated, though sometimes I miss it. I’ve topped it off with a throw that was gifted and an Ohio pillow that Chris bought me for our last anniversary (2 – cotton). I believe he picked it up from the Nordstrom Celebrate Local at Easton.


You see that dirt there? Yeah, right by the candle on the turquoise cart. You might not believe it but that is from a suicidal plant that I moved for this photo. Don’t worry, he’s alive and well. He just decided one day to pull himself out of his pot and made a mess. He’s been firmly replanted and temporarily replaced with some fake hydrangeas. To keep with the plant topic, one thing I want more of in my living room (and home in general) is plant life. Unfortunately, I tend to kill anything that isn’t a succulent (though I’ve even killed those). Also, if your’e curious, the globe is thrifted from Grandview Mercantile, the banner is from Secret Holiday Co, and the tray is from Carlisle Gifts in Plain City (gift from my MIL).


The built-ins are, as I mentioned, one of my favorite things about my living room. The living room is intended to be a living and dining space, but we just don’t have a need for a dual space like that when our kitchen is large enough for a dining table. I have some work to do with styling these shelves (they’re oddly deep yet narrow at the ends) and they are far from perfect but they are currently housing some of my favorite things to look at. I am a firm believer that if you have something on display, it either has to have a purpose (ex: Nest camera, candles) or you have to really love it (ex: my ceramic dogs and cat, picture of my grandma and her sisters, painting from our wedding). We picked up the coffee table from an antiques even in Columbus a year and a half ago from Redbud Woodworking (the tray is from World Market).




We don’t walk into our house from the front door but that’s still where we have housed most of our shoes. We had these wood crates at our two apartments and could not move into our first home without them. We’ve been on the lookout for more crates to grow the space a little but haven’t found the perfect ones yet. Above, the art print was purchased from Spring Flea at Seventh Son and the axe was old and given to us by my dad.



We picked up this bar cart about a year or so ago from Target and were super into mixing drinks for a while so we have lots of liquor and accessories on hand. We definitely don’t utilize the cart as much as we used to but I am hoping to get back into mixing drinks again instead of being lazy and just opening a bottle of wine when I need to unwined (see what I did there?). The picture above is one that Chris took while we were on vacation in Atlantic Beach. We had it blown up and printed via Social Print Studio. I’m hoping to fill our walls with more art, self-made or other (know of some great local artists or vendors, let me know).


Looking forward, we desperately need to get some more art on the walls and curtains on the windows (I have my eyes on these curtain rods from West Elm but just can’t get myself to pull the trigger). From there, I think we just need to keep tweaking and searching for new ways to make our living room ours. I hope to eventually replace the sofa (the current one is from Ikea) because with four of us (including the fur babies) we do fill up the space quickly and would like some more seating for entertaining. Chris and I hope to make a trip to Elm & Iron soon to potentially add some furniture or decor to our home.

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