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The master bedroom has never really gotten the attention it deserved in our last two homes. I did whip up something satisfactory in our last house, but it still never felt complete. Our new house has an amazing master bedroom with windows that let in lots of light and vaulted ceilings that make the room feel huge and open. A little bedroom inspiration on Pinterest has me thinking it won’t take much to make this room ours.

One of the first things we purchased when moving into our new home was a king size bed. This has been a LONG time coming with two adults, a dog, and sometimes a cat in bed. At the time we bought it, we also had a baby in bed so size was important. We talked about it quite a bit and had a mattress on the floor for quite sometime before ordering the West Elm Mid-Century Bed. It’s simple but pulled our room together and should work really well with all white bedding. It also matches our existing side tables, which is a plus.

This was the kick-off to redoing our bedroom that I needed. We have so much space to work with so I’m still trying to figure out what to do with the space overall but I wanted to use some things we already own, such as this World Market rug that we previously had in the nursery (before replacing it with a smaller size). I think it has a bit of a boho vibe so I plan to balance that with more mid century modern pieces.

master bedroom inspiration mood board

Our walk-in closet holds majority of our clothes, but our tiny dresser we’ve had since I was a kid just didn’t fit the look of our space anymore. I plan to replace it with a larger (though narrow if possible) dresser in either white or a matching wood tone as our bed and side tables. I’m not sure if we will actually store clothes in it but we shall see!

The first step to pulling this off is to paint the walls white, which I anticipate taking a looooooooong time. I’m ok with taking my time on this one and excited to see the final outcome.

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