Master Bedroom Tour // Mid Century Modern Style

master bedroom tour

I love home decorating. Even before we had the keys to our home, I was already planning and dreaming about what each room would look like. We haven’t purchased any furniture since buying our home, so I knew I would be working with what we had already. Moving in, we threw stuff into the rooms and even though I was happy with the layout, I hated the way our bedroom looked and felt. I recently spent some time and effort in making it a more enjoyable space to be in but wanted to wait until it was perfect before I did a master bedroom tour. I finally decided, even though it’s not “finished”, I wanted to go ahead and share it.

When we were looking at homes to buy, I had it in my head that I would feel rich if I had a bathroom attached to my master bedroom. We looked at many houses with only 1 or 1 ½ bathrooms and I was prepared to settle. When I first saw our house, I was a bit giddy about the bathroom attached to the bedroom. It was tiny, sure, but it was there. The bedroom wasn’t perfect but it was pretty spacious (by my standards) and had good sized his-and-her closets. I didn’t dig the mirrored doors but I thought I could work with them. Surprisingly, I’ve grown to love them and how bright they make our bedroom.

master bedroom tour

I’ve always done my makeup in front of a window and it just made sense to have my beauty setup in our bedroom. Our bedroom is one of my favorite rooms and I prefer having the large white desk in our bedroom vs the smaller vintage one that I currently have in the guest room. Before we moved, I purchased this wishbone chair from eBay and I absolutely love it (as does my cat).

I’ve had this white dresser forever. I literally don’t remember having anything different in my bedroom growing up.  I absolutely love clothes, but personally, I don’t think I have that many. Plus, I prefer to hang my clothing up in the closet.

I fell in love with round mirrors and found this perfect one at Ikea and love how it looks above my dresser. I won’t lie, I purchased the humidifier for my sneezy cat. The vase I picked up from Vernacular after falling in love whilst Christmas shopping.

I’ve mentioned it before, but the white desk is an old one from Pottery Barn that I picked up for a steal at the Pottery Barn Outlet. The various cups and bowls I’ve collected over the years and this Snake Plant is the one thing that I’ve yet to kill. If you don’t have a green thumb, I highly recommend it because it’s seriously impossible to kill.

I am still working on keeping my desk cleaned up. I want to have everything accessible so I can get ready quickly but my cat also loves to sit and look at the window and unfortunately, he gets hair everywhere. Also, funny enough, the wooden shades seriously were game changers in our bedroom. We had disgusting blinds that did the job, but looked absolutely terrible. We picked up these custom cut shades from Lowe’s and they definitely set the tone in the room. I love that our bedroom faces the east and we get great light in the morning.

Our hardwood floors are hands down the best thing about our house. When we first moved in, they were much lighter but pretty stained and beat up. I would normally never choose a dark stain but they do look great with our white walls. I recently picked up this rug from West Elm (I’m seriously the rug lady) and got it for a great deal. It’s big enough to fill the room and I love that it provides a little contrast to the mostly white space.

We got our Ikea bed as a gift from my parents a few years ago and it has served us well. I’m a sucker for all white (obviously) and it was very affordable. The best part, there’s no need for a box spring! The bedding needs replaced even though I absolutely love it. I got it on sale from Anthropologie but it just doesn’t suit a home with a cat and dog (that sleep with us). I’m obsessed with these side tables from West Elm (also a deal) and I think they were worth every penny.

As you can see, our side tables are pretty huge. It took a long time to get used to them but they are great for holding all the things you want by your bed. Chris got me the lamp (West Elm, are you shocked) for a birthday gift a couple years ago and the coaster is from Dot & Bo (which is not the same Dot & Bo it was six months ago). And I know, the sheets aren’t the classiest but during the winter, flannel sheets are a MUST.

I think our bedroom is almost there, but I really hate the wall color. Our bedroom is the first room we painted in our house and I thought it was going to turn out a light grey (though slightly cool). It’s definitely light blue, which was not what I was going for since our bedroom was previously blue. I plan on painting it white eventually but now that all of our stuff is in it, I’m a bit overwhelmed by the task. Once we paint and hang up some more art, I’ll be pretty content with our little space.  Maybe down the road when I feel it’s truly complete I will share another master bedroom tour of our changes.

Here’s the inspiration board I put together when working on our bedroom:

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