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nursery inspiration gender neutral nursery

I’ve ALWAYS loved interiors but I have found that in the first house I have full control over, it’s taking longer than I expected to get it how I want it. When Chris and I moved out of our two bedroom rental into a three bedroom house, we found that our belongings didn’t stretch very far. Over the last couple of years, we have slowly been buying things we love to make each room our own (most recently, our home office). Our guest room, however, has always been on the back burner and I must admit, I was hesitant to decorate it because I desperately hoped it would become a nursery sooner than later. Now that time is here! I have spent a lot of time pinning nursery inspiration and hope to create a gender neutral nursery that jives with the rest of our home.

I went back and forth with how I wanted to decorate our nursery but found that Pinterest is really helpful. Before I was pregnant I would pin things here and there but never a nursery set-up. Once I knew I was pregnant, I started browsing Pinterest more and pinned tons of nurseries. When I scroll through, it is clear that I have a style in mind. Thus far we haven’t purchased much yet but we do have the ceiling light. I cannot wait to replace the disgusting ceiling fan that is there currently. This natural pendant lamp from Ikea was originally meant for our bedroom, but is perfect for a nursery.

I went back and forth on what type of crib I wanted but in the end, decided on a natural wood finish because that is definitely more up Chris’s alley than an all white crib. The hardest thing for me to find has been a rug. At first I planned on a natural toned rug, but I really had my heart set on a vintage rug. Unfortunately, they are very expensive for the size we needed so I struggled with making a decision. In the end, we both agreed on this indoor/outdoor rug from World Market. The pink may be a touch feminine, but as we do not yet know the sex of our baby (and, come on, it’s a baby after all), the pink is not too big of a deal. It’s the right size and I have a thing for rugs with tassels.

gender neutral nursery inspiration
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One of the themes I definitely want to carry through the nursery is greenery and natural elements. I love to be surrounded by plants so the nursery will be no different. I look forward to a future trip to our local plant shop, Stump. We will likely pick up another snake plant or rubber plant as I am confident I can keep those alive the longest. I haven’t quite settled on a rocker or glider, but I plan to pair a neutral colored one with a wicker or natural wood ottoman. I love that this one from Urban Outfitters doubles as storage.

Animals are another theme I want to include in our nursery. I have always loved animals and as we picked up an animal alphabet print last year in Copenhagen, I hope to use that as inspiration. I had a lamb stuffed animal as a kid that I adored so I am sure lambs will pop up here and there as well as anything else I find cute, like this giant giraffe from my favorite kid’s store, Cub Shrub. I am so excited to see this room come together for real and transform until Baby Berry arrives.

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