Autumn Bucket List

Autumn Bucket List 2018

Autumn has always been my favorite season. I live for the days where the temperature cools enough that jeans and sweaters are necessary and the leaves begin to change. Every year, I put together an unofficial autumn bucket list in my planner but this year it is more important to me than ever to have an official list put together because I think I will need a constant reminder to get up and out with a newborn.

I am so looking forward to autumn with a newborn but I also know that for those first several weeks when you are supposed to remain indoors, I’ll be dying to get out and enjoy the fall weather. I included items on my autumn bucket list that are not only standard to what I usually do but also things that are doable with an infant. I hope this list will help me get out of the house and enjoy autumn to its fullest this year.

Autumn Bucket List | 2018

autumn bucket list 2018

From the past few years, this list has remained mostly unchanged (see 2015’s list). I’m writing this while it’s 90 degrees outside so I have my fingers crossed for a beautiful autumn this year. I can’t wait to break out the Baby K’tan/Ergo Baby and our stroller with the little miss. Autumn, you can arrive any time!

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