Autumn Weekend Roundup

Some weekends I accomplish nothing and barely leave the house, but this past weekend is perfect for a little autumn weekend roundup. I cheated and got an early start to the weekend by taking Friday off. Chris and I spent the day running some errands and got last minute Halloween costume accessories and an oil change (really exciting stuff). We also met with a tattoo artist in Grandview for a consultation for Chris (this is actually exciting) and I totally have tattoo fever. The weather was pretty rainy and not so nice to be out in but I kind of loved it. Saturday was much nicer and we got a walk in with the pup, which was a great way to enjoy how beautiful our neighborhood is right now. I mean, just look at this tree:

Saturday night we dressed up as the Lebowski’s for HighBall in the Short North. The Big Lebowski is one of our favorite movies and we have always talked about dressing up as Maude and The Dude for Halloween. I bought my wig on Amazon and was pleasantly surprised by how nice it was. The robe was also from Amazon and kept me super warm and will definitely be worn a lot sans costume. Chris’s costume was pretty quick and easy and only required a wig (of the Jesus variety), some wayfarer sunglasses, and a half-and-half carton. Also, in case you were wondering, his sweater is mine from 10 years ago. We went with another couple dressed as Vincent and Mia from Pulp Fiction, which I thought was also super awesome. HighBall makes for some great people watching and I loved checking out the other costumes (lots of Pokemon, Eleven from Stranger Things, and even another Maude/Dude couple). Unfortunately, I didn’t really take any photos while we were walking around but if you click on the HighBall link they have some up on the site.¬†

Sunday we woke up, got ready, and headed out to Lynd Fruit Farm. It was an absolutely perfect day for apple picking and we really enjoyed ourselves. We stopped at the market first and it was pretty hopping but nowhere near as much as it was when we left (if you are thinking of going, earlier seems to be better). We picked up some goodies (granola, jerky, cider, and candy) before heading to the orchard. We decided to hunt for fuji and for only $15, we got a TON of apples (too many for just us). It was really nice to spend some time outdoors and do something new. Neither of us had ever been apple picking and hope to do it again next autumn. Also, the apples are delicious and I can’t stop eating them!

Side note: This photo is not sponsored by Levi’s…. but shouldn’t it be?

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