Babymoon to New York City

babymoon to nyc

It has been over four months since Chris and I took our babymoon to New York City. I delayed posting this and thought about scrapping it because I didn’t think we took enough photos while in New York. The more I thought about it the sillier that seemed because this blog is my space to share my thoughts and I don’t want to have to overthink every post. I love fashion and lifestyle blogs and though I set out to create one of those, I find that I am happier when I am less selective about what I share. So alas, here are some thoughts and photos from our first trip to NYC.

Our first day was full and nearly broke my pregnant body. We arrived in the city around 11AM and weren’t able to check into our hotel until 3PM. We dropped our luggage and explored the city on foot. It was hot and according to my phone, we walked over 22,000 steps (over 9 miles). I didn’t realize how swollen I was until we finally stopped moving. It was so fun to take an afternoon to just head out with no destination in mind. We saw the Flatiron Building, which we stayed near, did some shopping, stopped at Washington Square Park, and swung by The Strand (which was one of our favorite places we visited). We finally checked into our room at the Ace Hotel before getting dinner at Westville. Oh man, it was flipping delicious. We then walked the High Line (another favorite) for a bit before calling it a day.

the strand bookstore new york city babymoon

The next morning we decided to take it a bit easier than day 1 but we still managed to walk over 6 miles. We took the ferry to Brooklyn and poked around Red Hook a bit before exploring Williamsburg. We grabbed lunch at Brooklyn Crab, which was delicious. Once in Williamsburg, we stopped by Artists & Fleas, which is this amazing flea market that is put on somewhere in the city everyday. It’s like Columbus Flea on steroids. I grabbed a “The Lady” onesie from Jam Jams Jam. We also stopped by Catbird, a jewelry store that I can’t get enough of. Once we returned back to Manhattan, we freshened up a bit before seeing Chicago at the Ambassador Theatre. This was our first exposure in Times Square and it was quite the experience. Though Times Square is not our cup of tea, Chicago was great and I’m so glad we went!

Babymoon to NYC Artists & Fleas

Day 3 started with breakfast at Doughnut Plant. We split four donuts, carrot cake, vanilla bean, wild blueberry, and blank and they were pretty delicious. We then made the trek down to Tribeca to explore Ground Zero and the 9/11 Memorial & Museum. Wow. I don’t know how to put into words how powerful the experience was. We were only 10 and 11 when 9/11 took place but we still remembered how we felt. Exploring the museum was a really somber experience but we are so glad we went. We cheered ourselves up with a little shopping and I was super excited to go to Glossier. I didn’t get anything because I was a tad overwhelmed by all the people but I tried out everything that I had wanted, which will make online shopping easier. We picked up pizza for dinner from Prince Street Pizza then headed back to our room to relax for a bit. One of our other highlights of this trip was our late night at Comedy Cellar. The show was hilarious and my favorite part was running through Washington Square Park in the rain to hop onto the subway.

Babymoon to NYC Chelsea Market

Day 4 started with breakfast at a restaurant whose name I cannot remember and then a walk around Chelsea Market. Chelsea Market was overwhelming but unlike anywhere Chris and I have ever been. There were tons of shops and restaurants and it feels like a never-ending maze. After wandering for a bit we finally made it out to Central Park. We were both in awe of how huge the park is and how wild it felt. I don’t know what I expected but it far exceeded my expectations. We popped into the Met because at this point, this pregnant lady was DYING for a bathroom (not easy to find in NYC). It was huge and busy but we saw some pretty cool works of art. The rest of this day is a total blur to me.

central park new york city babymoon

For our final day, we tried to make it out to some final items on our list. We decided to visit Williamsburg in Brooklyn again and got to the see the famous view of the Manhattan Bridge before getting lunch at Westville (can you tell we liked it). We popped into Acorn, an adorable children’s boutique before heading back to Manhattan. There, I tracked down Otherwild and grabbed a “Future is Female” onesie for babe so we can match someday. That night, we had dinner at Shake Shack before catching Solo at a nearby movie theatre. I felt baby girl kicking away throughout the movie and thought that was a good sign that she will like her middle name.

I was really lucky to have a coworker who has a sister living in NYC. She was so kind and shared SO many suggestions of things to do in New York. I was blown away her suggestions. Though, I am a bit bummed that I fell in love with Westville, one of her suggestions, and they don’t exist outside of New York. If anyone knows of a restaurant that is similar in Columbus, PLEASE tell me (and no, sorry, Northstar isn’t the same). Chris and I both help to visit New York City again someday, preferably in the autumn or early winter. One thing we had to accept is that you can’t do it all in 5 days.

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