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best of 2017 feature

Personally, 2017 has been good to me. The older I get, the faster the years go, but I feel like I can look back on 2017 and pick out great things that really stand out throughout the year. I am grateful for the things I have in my life and though 2016 was one of the worst I have endured, it did make 2017 all the more sweeter by contrast. 2016 was a year of things being taken but 2017 has given Chris and I some really great memories.

2017 Newborn photography Micah man

I can’t begin a reflection of 2017 without Micah-man. Growing up, I had a really difficult time connecting with kids and I wasn’t sure if I would ever even have them. I blame my youngest-child-syndrome for this. The older I get, the more I know that I want children. Going into 2017, I was anticipating the arrival of my nephew and I was truly excited but also unsure of what to expect. When I finally met Micah at the end of January, it was love at first sight. I feel so privileged to get to see him grow throughout the year and I cannot believe it has been a year already. He is so loved by our family!

2017 swallow tattoo

Now, getting a tattoo wasn’t really one of the biggest moments in my life but it was a big step for me personally. I have wanted a tattoo since before I turned 18 but as someone who 1. resents change and 2. always feels like I have to make the responsible decision, allowing myself to let go a little and add a permanent piece of art to my body was exhilarating. Such a rebel! We are approaching the one year mark and I am itching for another.

2017 Copenhagen street

2017 copenhagen from the air

Copenhagen. I don’t know what to say about Copenhagen. It was a dream vacation and Chris and I haven’t stopped talking about it since. It was our first time in Europe and we fell head over heels in love with Denmark. Our 10 days in Copenhagen were absolutely magical and furthered our fascination with all things Danish/Scandinavian. We have read countless books about the culture and have talked ourselves out of moving there too many times to count. But don’t worry fam, we are staying right where we are.

2017 was also the year we felt truly settled in our home. It’s been nearly 2 years since we purchased it but our first year in our house was rough. We had some issues that needed sorting out and I felt the extreme overwhelming anxiety of becoming a home owner for the first time. We have definitely found our groove and I am so grateful everyday to come home to a place that is ours. I am still slowly hanging things on the wall and look forward to the day that all of my art is up.

2017 anniversary party

Along with the house, we threw our first party. I enjoy entertaining but just do not have the gift of hostessing. I went outside of my comfort zone and threw a party along with my sister for my parents’ anniversary. Kind of like with the tattoo, I had to let go a bit and it was so fun finally breaking in our tiki bar in our backyard. We were even able to add ourselves to the party post (see photo below).

2017 anniversary party tiki bar

Another huge bright spot of the year was my new job. I know I have said it before, but I still have to pinch myself sometimes at work. I was so envious of Chris for years because he was in a job doing what he loved. I can now say the same and that has done wonders for my mental wellbeing. As I type this, I am about to come off of 10 days of vacation and of course I wish I could stretch it out more but the thought of going back to work doesn’t cause me anxiety and I am so grateful for that.

2017 portraits
Photo by Amy Ann Photo

It is so nice to reflect on the year and recognize the bad but to also recognize all the good. Big or small, there are so many things that happen in 12 months that pave the way for years to come and going into 2018, I am open minded. Thank you to all for being part of my life! Have a safe New Year’s Eve.

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