Buying a House // part 1

buying a house part 1

As I mentioned in this post, I started looking at houses online last summer. I worked in Bexley at the time and had fallen in love, so in my attempt to see if I could afford it, I started browsing houses online. During my lunch break, I would walk up and down the streets, and whenever I spotted the For Sale sign in a yard, I would do a search online to see the price and peruse the photos. It became pretty obvious to me that I would need to spend a lot to buy a home in the area. I started to put together a list of my wants and Chris and I would talk about the things we both wanted in a home. I used various online calculators to figure out how much I would need to put down to get our payment where we wanted it. These things weren’t all for-sures, but it did make me feel a lot more prepared for house hunting. I knew buying a house would be the biggest financial decision I would ever make.

After getting out pre-approval letter, we decided to get an agent and start actually looking for homes. We had decided on a price range but didn’t have our perfect neighborhood narrowed down. Our top locations included Clintonville and Olde Towne East. We quickly found that Clintonville was super expensive and Olde Towne East was really hit or miss.
Home Search CollageThe first house I ever stepped foot into during the house hunt was a “2 bedroom” home in Clintonville. It was snowing out when we stopped by (and by “we” I mean my agent and I during my lunch break) and the second I laid eyes on it I loved it. Upon stepping in, I noticed how similar it was to our rental, which made me love it even more. However, when we checked out the beautiful living room, I noticed ice on the window and the lofted second bedroom (a useless lofted space) brought me back to reality really fast. The 2 bathrooms were side-by-side and right off the kitchen, very strange. I left the house knowing it wasn’t the one but it was a huge eye opener. It was unique and cute, but would have been a terrible purchase.

From there, Chris and I spent a lot of time (mostly me, who am I kidding) browsing houses online and I sent many to my agent to set up showings. We walked through homes in Schumacher Place, Old Oaks, Franklin Park, and in between. The Schumacher Place house was cute and in a fun area, but it was a hot mess. My favorite house (the Caroline Brown House) made my heart skip a beat but would have been a completely money pit. That heartbreak made me a lot more practical, and helped lead us to a house in Eastmoor (area just outside of Bexley) that I had passed up earlier because of it’s strange listing photos. I just couldn’t quite figure the layout out. We eventually looked at a house in Woodland Park/Olde Towne East area that was beautiful but just out of our price range. We seriously considered making an offer but last minute decided against it.

We set up a Saturday at the end of January to go see a few houses and brought my mother-in-law along for the ride. We planned a second visit to a house that I really liked and then a few extras just to see. We stopped at a house in Bexley that was itty bitty, already in contract, but I wasn’t feeling it. There was another tiny house in Clintonville, and I absolutely loved it but knew it was too small, and then we stopped at the Eastmoor House (or the Grandma Party House as I called it). The second I stepped in I didn’t like it. It smelled like something old and reminded me of my Grandma Brown’s house. My husband and mother-in-law loved it immediately and as I walked through it, I noticed that it really did check everything on the list: 2-car garage, fenced in yard, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and no formal dining room. With my head spinning, we wrapped up our tour.

Now that I’ve written out a book, I’ll finish this story later. 🙂

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